Why Amery’s Wedding is Better than Meteor Garden

Last December 18, 2010, I had the privilege to witness my friend Amery’s wedding with her longtime boyfriend, Richmond. The Corpuz-Go nuptial was one of the highlights of 2010, for me. Watching my friends build happy memories is always a welcome and wonderful thing.

My friendship with Ate Amery can be traced back to Meteor Garden days where we both liked Dao in their boarding house where Hua Tzi Lei was the preferred F4 hunk. Since then, we’ve gone from envying Shan Tsai on TV to my Ate Shanghai’s (that’s my pet name for her!) finding and marrying her own prince charming. Kuya Richmond does have chinky eyes, but thankfully not the pineapple hairstyle or the trademark of violence that our Meteor crush had. And so, they even have this Koreanovela looking prenup pic that I liked:

(I guess I have Jerry Yan all to myself, now that my big Meteor Garden sister has tied the knot. LOL.)

Their romance started when Ate Amery said yes to Kuya Richmond March 21, 2005. It was in a car parked in UP Diliman. I cannot say much about the lucky groom, except that I know he is a very lucky man for having my friend. And he is very smart, too, based on the eloquent and heartwarming way he addressed his bride at their beautiful exchange of vows.

Since college, Ate Amery is the resident dream girl of her org and her high school friends. She is pretty and intelligent, kind and sweet. Many guys actually tried to court her, but God has been saving the very best partner for her. I just saw God’s hand in protecting her from guys who clearly weren’t worth it. She was also safeguarded from maniac taxi drivers; my charmer friend attracts men from all walks of life. She’s not the tall, jaw-dropping ramp type because she’s “cute” in height like me. She’s more of the “beautiful, for keeps and must marry” type.

My personal favorite bridal accessory was the blue bouquet. I really wanted to take it home, not to symbolize that I am next to be hitched, but just because I have not seen a blue bouquet of flowers upclose before. And I also liked the train in her dress, though I think it’s a bit of a torture walking with it.

Recently, I was reading a book which mentioned that God expresses His will in everyday things. And it must have been so for Ate Amery when she entered the I.T. industry and built her career there. She had a degree in economics, which is hardly connected to her job for the past 5 or 6 years. Aside from being able to go to Europe (a thing I will forever envy until I get there myself!), this job allowed her to make friends with the person who eventually became her husband. So for people who are not as fulfilled with what they do in their jobs, they might do well to keep their eyes open and get as lucky as my Ate Shanghai.

We people are all blessed in one way or another. God often offsets in other parts of our lives the things that we lack in a certain aspect; often, we just lack the eyes to recognize these offsets and stay thankful for them. But some people actually have it all– a good romantic life, a stable career and countless other blessings. My Ate Amery is one such person.

During the rites at Ellinwood, I learned about the common wedding symbolisms. The rings’ golden circle stands for eternity, as the circular cord also means no beginning and no end. The coin represents God’s concern for the couple’s well-being and the Bible as light from the Eternal Word of Jesus. The pastor read 1 Cor. 13:4-10 and expounded on it. I liked those verses, but there was one thing that struck me most with what the pastor said.

The rose stands out among weddings. It symbolizes romance and life. It grew from a tiny seed, growing stronger and larger until it blossoms into a flower. It is easiest to hurt whom we most love. So have a special place for the rose in your home.” He said that this practice was to remind Kuya Richmond and Ate Amery that it was love that brought them that fateful day. I liked that advice, although I have heard from an expert that it’s bad Feng Shui to put flowers in the couple’s bedroom.

Around 70% of the guests came from the groom’s family. I am very amazed at how Chinese families get that much support and attendance in major life events like weddings. The entire clan was there! I had nobody beside me at the groom’s side’s pews when they were all called to go in front for the family photo shoot. I think the groom’s family had to cramp themselves into a tight arrangement of four or five rows before the cameraman’s frame managed to fit them it. They looked so white and prim and proper; I totally did not fit in when I sat on their side of the church pews! I liked the bride’s family’s wacky shot here:

I just want to pipe in an irrelevant thing: I think the pastor looks like Ted Failon. Maybe my view was blurred because I was wrongly seated on the groom’s side and was at the back. But even with that far location from the main stage, I had a favorite moment. It was when after all the words have been said, the bride and groom held each other face to face for a long time with beaming faces. Words eluded me to describing that particular moment. I will always have that image of Ate Amery and Kuya Richmond in my mind– a living proof that there are really authentic, spiritually beneficial and mutually rewarding romantic relationships, even if it has continued to elude me.

Days before this event, I had apprehensions in attending. For one, I had nobody else to go with. It was a little awkward to just attend without knowing anybody except for the bride and groom. I actually charged my gadgets the night before because I was expecting that there will be nobody to talk to. Fortunately, I found my super college friend Jambulet and my Hum 1 classmate Dianne there! And I also managed to get new two lady NFF’s at the reception I Golden Bay Restaurant. Meet Gi and Cathy:

The photo booth was one of the perks while waiting for all the yummy food to arrive. Gi’s red dress was the best! She is a headturner, smart, and (boys, you’ll love this!) currently single. Tall Cathy also hails from the land of the Philippine beauty queens and is really very eloquent. (They were also kind enough to help me get home. Thanks so much Cathy and Gi! :-))

The food was really good. The unique games are quite enjoyable to witness. And I totally enjoyed the “Too Good to Be True” first dance of the bride and groom. It is refreshing to see something aside from the usual wedding waltz. The host of the event sang in English, Chinese and Tagalog. And he was a doctor! This guy has got to be bad at something, but it surely did not seem that way when he hosted at the reception! (We ladies at the table wondered if he was still single…Most probably not.)

I made this my first post for year 2011 because I wanted to be reminded that no matter what New Year’s resolutions I make, I must make sure that LOVE is at the core of it all. LOVE that is authentically lived out is better than any Meteor Garden episode, regardless of its form, as my friend Amery had shown me.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Richmond Go. I know it’s an understatement that you have heard from most people, but I am genuinely happy for you two. XOXO.