The September Issue

To shake things up, I find myself exploring things that I do not normally watch. It was said that Steve Jobs took a calligraphy class and it helped him appreciate fonts for the Apple products. I try to break out of the usual grind by watching something new in the hope that it will also inspire me in my endeavors. My choice for the month is a fashion documentary on Anna Wintour, the Vogue legend. Rumor has it that the novel The Devil Wears Prada was based on her. I am not particularly a poster girl for outfits but colors fascinate me.

For one thing, I find respect for the people in this industry after seeing what they go through to produce a glossy issue. I see a team of hardworking people and the able leadership of a strong and scary woman.

Some people are born to follow but there are people designed to lead or steer the ship.

I also saw examples of people in the industry who were thrown off their lane with setbacks. But they ended up pursuing something else as a result and became really good at it. I find it inspiring to watch survival stories like that. One of them was a former model who ended up becoming a prolific editor after a horrible car accident.

The painstaking attention to detail, the art, and the beauty is depicted in this very interesting documentary. It is a glossy world that, when placed under a microscope, is an industry solidly erected with the hard work and genius of dedicated people.

I observe the nuances of this documentary with an eye of the normally fashion averse person. I tend to appreciate the work, the orderly structure behind the magazine issue development process, and the magic of having high quality experience that spans decades. Experience trumps fast learning. This is also why I made my 2015 as my “zero shortcut” year.

I hope to find more thoughtful and out of the box documentaries like this. 🙂