The Internship

Last Saturday, I spent the day with my newfound friend and officemate Leigh in an effort to detoxify myself while working.

Leigh and Helen at Drupal training last month

Leigh and Helen at Drupal training last month

This is the one girl pal I can openly share my Python and writing stuff with, as well as many other things, so I am really thankful. We also share a common attraction to some Miley Cyrus music (don’t judge us). I genuinely enjoy the programming banter with my guy friends, but programming bonding with a girl pal is definitely on the priceless and rare list.

Miley Cyrus and programming fetish aside, my NFF Leigh dumped some files on my hard drive and one of those things she wanted me to watch was The Internship, a film starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. This film is one of the most awesome feel-good movies I’ve watched this year. It’s the type you’d like to watch when you are feeling down and unenthusiastic about life and everything else. It was just something I enjoyed, although it did not exactly get glowing recommendations from the usual film critics. It also did not depict everything about Google employee life accurately although it got Google’s blessing to shoot some scenes in Mountain View, California. But it was a very nice film to watch, despite its limitations. I practically enjoyed it without over-analyzing every single reel of film.

As an intern of life, I kind of got some lessons about finding one’s passion, thinking out of the box, and taking risks for one’s dreams. Those things are not so bad for a comedy film, right? My favorite light parts were the interview and the very Ironic opening scene. 🙂 <3

If you feel like all your pressure has piled up and you need to blow off steam, this might just be the appropriate amount of comic relief. 🙂