Happy Birthday Tonie!

Better late than never! Well, I still made it with barely an hour to go before the day ends!

Happy Birthday Tonie Gorgeous!!!! (^_^)

I met Tonie in CW 10 class. She is the one and only classmate in my 7.5 years of stay in UP whom I honestly admired when it comes to writing. I think she was my classmate first in Bio 1 and she was really famous among my eng’g classmates. When she enters the room, they just whisper in my ear: “Ayan yung magaling magsulat na taga-Aklan!” hahaha. I think those were her admirers too.

I got to sample more of her writing in CW 10 class, while mine got butchered by those super critics in class the whole sem. We became friends that sem and the rest was history…. 🙂

Today, she is taking up law in San Beda while I am starting my career somewhere. When I was reviewing for my board exam, I managed to grab some of her reviewers in Property Laws (yes, GE has Law subject in the board exam). It helped heaps.

Planning to pursue law school too, but I’d have to see what becomes of her when she takes the bar before I follow suit. =) I really miss seeing her writing because last I read from her was a Friendster blog (and yes, those were the days when Facebook was not even existing yet!).

More than being my friend, she also introduces me to a lot of wonderful people from her circle of friends. I think that’s just so neat, since the joy of having her as a friend multiplies with each friend she introduces. =) It’s like you already have the best, and then you will be so stumped to find that there’s more to the precious girl to girl friendship!

Mi bella amiga, we go a long way already! Much love from my typing screen to yours. Happy birthday again! I’ll be back on FB maybe next year. But, FB or no FB, you know that I keep in touch with you whenever.

I know that I will live to see the day where I can have coffee with a certain kick-a$$ Attorney Estoperes who writes book for a hobby. Please do continue to write, sister. You have always been my peer-idol.