Afraid to Try: Starbucks Trenta

Just took a screenshot of the latest Starbucks offering (taken from Huffington Post website)

I can barely finish a Grande and now they come up with this really huge size on top of the Venti! :-O Whoa! I think my stomach capacity is below average for coffee. I really wonder if this will hit the Manila scene well, since there are really coffee addicts who find the Venti size insufficient for their needs.

I only have to drink one cup of coffee and that’s enough to last me for a whole night. I only take it when I am totally sleep deprived the night before and I need to reset my body clock for proper nighttime sleeping. An average person needs around 7 hours. Below 6 hours is alarming, according to one newspaper article I read some days back (an article my mom forced me to read to convince me to get some sleep).

Also, aside from eye bags and sleepiness, sleep deprivation causes WEIGHT GAIN. So that just might be something that my friends will find useful when they are trying to shed off those pounds.

But even if I need to stay awake for 24 hours for some reason, I will not be able to try Starbucks Trenta. LOL. Though I am dying of curiosity to see somebody gulp that colossal beverage size for real…