Reading List

Kung reading list mo pa nga bang matatawag ito!

My mom got scared when she saw my bed with all these stuff accompanying me to dreamland. Piece of trivia for the interested: I can’t sleep without a book beside me. I just like to put my favorite titles beside me, and then the reading list just started piling up. I think I have around 150 titles to read. That’s just the priority list on the bed. I stopped shopping for books since I’m swamped with reading materials that can last me for a year or two.

Plus I am planning to brush up on my French. Oui. I super love that language.

So, I guess it won’t be much of a surprise to some if I take awhile to respond to messages and whatnots. I’m also giving time to my leisure reading. Sure, I’m paid to read and edit at work, but leisure reading is still a distinct thing that deserves its distinct time.

And so, the voracious reader a.k.a. shameless bookworm continues her reading adventures. No eye strain can seriously stop me from reading and reading and reading to my heart’s content…