Criticizing other people’s tastes

Do you ever find that other people judge you for the types of books you like to read? It shouldn’t matter what genre you read, so long as you enjoy it. Right? Which is why I don’t understand the idea of criticising other people and their tastes, because it differs from your own.

How boring would the world be if we all enjoyed the same things equally? No one would ever have anything to talk about. The idea of shaming someone else’s tastes doesn’t end with books. Gamers who enjoy might criticise people who like to play Grand Theft Auto, and vice versa. Football fans might have an issue with those who enjoy basketball. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean you have the right to make the other person embarrassed about their interests.

The wonderful thing about books are their diversity. There are many genres to choose from; romance and sci fi, fiction and non-fiction, books that combine the two, autobiographies. Whether you like it or not depends on your interests. For example, a reader who limits their relationship with books to the classics, will not necessarily want to read 50 Shades of Grey. It’s fine for them to feel that way, so long as they don’t criticise others for reading the book series anyway.

It’s like I have a friend who, at 25 years old still enjoys reading fiction aimed at children. It’s not that she doesn’t or can’t read adult books. She just likes the simplicity of them. And when you’re reading before bedtime, you don’t want to think about it too much. She doesn’t admit to strangers and acquaintances what her preference is though. Which is a real shame.

We should all be allowed to read and do whatever we want, without fearing the judgement of others. We’re all different. And the world is a more interesting place for it.