Cloudy Sunsets


I was earnestly waiting for the sunny side up sunset this afternoon. A cloud decided to pull the curtains down on the sky from where I stood. So it ended up looking like a hazy swirl of purple, pink, white, and light yellow amidst the backdrop of viewing decks’ silhouettes.

I perspired a little. The control freak in me dislikes not having the perfect shot. But my recent encounters with nature teach me that control is an illusion. And it is one of those days where you rigidly map out everything but your feet take you somewhere else.

Later this evening, I ended up having a meaningful conversation about life’s path– a solid piece of advice that I needed, the second wind I needed to sail through life again with the aplomb and audacity I had in the past. It was good dinner and excellent conversation from someone wise and ahead in years and completely understanding of what I am going through. I had no idea that I was meeting him today. Travel has that charm of unwrapping gifts in unexpected places.

He said a lot of things. Personal things now etched in my head permanently as I doggedly get back on track.

Basically, when clouds threaten to hamper your view, it is so much better to accept, adjust, and choose a better angle. And this is precisely what I did with today’s sunset. Perhaps, this is precisely what I will later be doing with other things beyond a simple sunset shot.