Day 6: #100HappyDays

I do 100happydays challenge in a semi-retrospective style. I basically pinched a bit of time and took a walk down memory lane in QC for day 6.

I felt a sense of wholeness in having visited 4 different places which marked different stages of my life.

I went to the college where I studied, the engineering firm where I was able to use my license, the publishing house where I used to edit engineering manuscripts, and the study center where all my best adult efforts began. I just knew that this was the day for paying homage to the places which helped me become who I am now.


Quezon City. This was the city which became home to me in many aspects, especially intellectually. It was the place where I had a lot of crucial beginnings as I eased my way from tumultuous adolescence into adulthood.

When I was much younger, I actually dreamed of living here when I start having my own paycheck. I imagined a life where I can regularly wake up with easy accessibility to the academic oval for jogging or running, and have breakfast al fresco amidst the abundance of trees.

But I have finally accepted that location changes for a reason. Other cities have rendered its own charm over time, but Quezon City holds an irreplaceable and special place in my heart because of the memories I have with it. For years, this has been my comfort zone. I would find myself going back to QC at one point or another.