Smoothie Sailing


Smoothie in the Making at the Osterizer

For the past two months, my husband and I made use of a Herbalife shake mix setup for breakfast. Since the post-holiday carbs have piled up, my tummy needs January as the best time to go back to my old optimum shape.

I was quite surprised with the smoothie because it is not too difficult to prepare and I do not have to force myself to like the taste. Today, we blended two bananas and around 2 pomelo slices with the vanilla Herbalife mix. My mother-in-law initiated this last year and if done religiously by two people, the regimen mix costs around 4,000 to 6,000 pesos per month.

After indulging in chocolates, I find fruits and vegetables to be refreshing to the palate. It does not leave me with a bloated feeling after meals; additionally, it kind of cleanses my system and aids in normalized digestion. There may be other amazing mixes like my friend’s recommended Usana Reset diet mix. I just happened to choose Herbalife because of proximity and availability.

I got into the smoothie and juice bandwagon about six months before my wedding. At the time, I recovered from chicken pox and I wanted to improve my lifestyle for good health. My father designed this nice herbal juice which greatly aided my recovery. And then I ventured in trying out other juices regularly.

Also, when I eat with good quality and with nutrients, I feel that it is much easier to be productive and happy. It is really true that food affects mood.

This is one of my healthy eating decisions this 2015 and I am really glad to start the year wise gastronomically.