J’adore: Careful Confessions (2004) by Sara Bareilles

I knew I became a fan the moment I downloaded all of her songs, listened to them over and over since my friend and officemate Sara (same name!) recommended her to me last January and googled her almost everyday. Right now, I am in the process of reading all of her blog posts since 2005 straight from her website. (It kind of gives me an idea why she wrote certain songs and what circumstances surrounded those lines.)
I have listened to all her three studio albums (thanks to Wikipedia for the information!) and here are my favorite lines from her songs in the first album, Careful Confessions. There was so much emphasis on the piano in this album, I think. It was raw, understandably since she was just starting out as an artist at the time the album was made.
Gravity– I believe the first raw version of this song is better than the one in Little Voice.
“set me free
leave me be
i don’t wanna fall another moment into your gravity…
you loved me cause i’m fragile
i thought that i was strong
but you touched for a little while
and all my fragile strength is gone”
Undertow– This song is oozing with the innate sexiness of heartache and pining for a lover even before she started singing. In a way, it kind of reminds me of the Portishead song that Magi and Victor used in their controversial prenup some months back.
“I didn’t mean to be so predictable. But I blame it all on the one who made you so irresistible.”
Love on the Rocks – The beat is very good! I like the fresh take on heartache, since I am getting really inundated with the emote songs I have been hearing day in and day out. At least this is the most upbeat, let’s-break-up song I have heard.
“I needed a raise, I work so hard for this love of mine… Still I got nothing to show for it. Here’s a simplification of everything we’re going through. You plus me is bad news.”
Responsible – This one had a lot of guitar in it, and I liked it instantly since I have this passion for guitar-played music. I think the song is about a woman taking a risk to loving a man’s unchartered waters and owning up to the risk being involved by “standing convicted”. Hihi.
“You are an island no one will dare to tread upon. I came in like a wise man, asking you to take my gift of love. Hold me responsible. It’s all my fault. I want you to hold me in any way you can.”
One Sweet Love – This song is also in the Little Voice album, and I preferred that version even though this had a lot of guitar in it.
Come Round Soon – I totally LOVE this version compared to the more recent studio album. The blending of Sara’s voice to the backup singers and the simple beat was just something I never get tired of listening to over and over again. No favorite lines because I love it from start to finish.
Inside Out – This is not my favorite song, but this is the song with the lyrics I can relate to the most…
“Some days are perfect, some just simply could not get worse… Some days it’s all worth it. Some days this life is nothing but a curse. And I wonder who will break first… I am small, I feel like no more than nothing at all…”
City – What I like best about this song is the way it depicts urban loneliness.
“Here in these deep city lights, a girl could get lost tonight…”
But I don’t listen to it a lot, maybe because it makes me feel very sad after listening to it. 🙂
Red – In the red is an idiom which indicates losses. I felt like the song talks about losses in love and in life, not the monetary aspect. Phrases like “crimson”, “touching wires” and “darkening angels beneath the bed” are more than enough to paint my playlist red with this lovely song.
A striking line: “You cannot change what do you not own..”
My Love – The sensuality of this song is not overdone. Pure piano, just lots of love. I like the lyrics!
“His fingers are your music to my soul and I feel his song play everywhere I go.”
I am still overdosing myself with this first album. (I will be making another post on the other two albums. :-)) I am such a FAN GIRL of Sara Bareilles!!! I am so drawn to her music, like the way a compass tilts to the earth’s magnetic north. I even get to write so many things while listening to her music.
I don’t like going out and spending needlessly, but if in case she comes here in Manila, I am going to do whatever I can to get to see her perform live…