Day 73: #100HappyDays
Blanc et Noir

Helen Mary Labao

Helen Mary Labao: making pakyut at age 28.

I am not really heavy into selfies since I no longer have any platform to post to. And the rest of the time is really spent digging the backend stuffs from my computer for my brain feed requirements.

So when I put together something fairly decent, I make sure it merits a happy day.

Today is the day of the black and white ensemble. The look is not super expensive. It’s the 700 peso dress I bought from a tiangge last Christmas, the bag that was on sale at Php 800 from Forever 21 three weeks ago, the black peep toe slingback bought at Php 900 from Payless Galleria almost 2 years ago, and the basic Php 250 sunglasses from i2i bought last December.

There was nothing new to the look, I just basically decided to put them together today with my newly diminished waistline. I had my standard pearl earrings to top off the look. And my ultra jurassic white phone. Wearing heels is a stinker so I parked it on the table when I got bored waiting for my meeting at UP campus:


During my mood swings, it’s quite hard to look at the sunny side of life. But I always liked the saying that “The future is so bright that you got to wear shades.” And a good pair of shades always hides the eyebags from the worries of last night, and protects us from the painful rays of the summer sun.


I wish I could say that all the days of my 100 happy days project are this sunny and pretty. But it’s not. In fact, I had the most monstrous of mood swings sandwiched in between and there are some days where I struggle to find the silver lining.

There were days when I would just stare out openly in the blank space, as if blankly staring for a prolonged period will make something meaningful materialize out of thin air.



I was hoping that staring out in the open air of nature will answer all my pressing questions about life. But nope, that’s not gonna happen overnight, in the same way that my life pursuits in a personal and professional standpoint won’t budge unless I draw water from the well day in and day out, regardless of whether I feel like doing it or now.

When I was young, I thought about gray areas a damn lot. But these days, I am starting to appreciate the beauty of black and white, not just in clothes, but in certain things that are certain in life– the Truth that holds me and keeps me standing as a high-heeled ball of dust in this huge universe.

Well, in spite of the things that I know and do not know, I decide to just be content with what I have. And I do realize that what I have is not so bad at all…