Sick Leave, Love and Other Drugs

For two days, I was on sick leave. Actually, I am still supposed to rest in bed for the third day, but for fear of losing my entire salary, I decided to just go to work on the third day. It was a bad move, because I had a relapse that made my asthma attacks linger longer than necessary.

I lost a considerable amount of weight. My work clothes suddenly seemed big. Until now, I have so little appetite for food. I don’t consume as much rice as I used to. I don’t know if this is good for my health, but it has done wonders for my waistline. It’s a wake up call to set a concrete jogging sked with Maki and Cai soon.

Fortunately, I had a hemophobic virtual doctor who checked on me the entire time that I was sick. Thank you. You know who you are. 😀 I don’t know what other type of mud people will pelt on me if I mention God in my posts again, but I believe He knows how to turn things around and not just give me some garbage that I cannot really endure or bear. God gives so many consolations I don’t deserve. I can only be grateful in the midst of it all.

Since my tonsillitis spiraled into asthma over the weekend, I had to take an antihistamine. The antihistamine made me fall asleep for more than 10 hours. 🙂 Sheesh. I was completely uneasy with this because I kept on thinking of my work deadlines when I was not asleep. These deadlines continue to haunt me now, along with a sea of thoughts swimming in my head. Distracted is an understatement.

While I was sick, I thought of how my situation resembled Anna Hathaway’s tremors in Love and Other Drugs because of the side effects of my Salbutamol prescription. I can only wish I looked as gorgeous as her. And be with a Jake Gyllenhaal for that matter. O_O


The movie was not really the one you can watch with kids because of its adult content. But I fell in love with this film because of its unique plot. I never imagined that an interesting love story can come out of something like Viagra. I like how they both started out innocently fascinated with each other just for the heck of it, and then ended up finding true and lasting love from it.

And the way they said “I Love You” to each other at different times during the film gave those three words so much meaning. Jake said it after a long string of womanizing. His “I Love You” meant that he was willing to leave his comfort zone for her. Anne’s “I Love You” later in the film meant that she was willing to take the risk when she had been so averse and distrusting about how their love story would end up in lieu of her worsening Parkinson’s Disease.

I love the complexities and the undertones sent by the cinematic details of this movie. This is the one film that I focused on 100%. I multi-task when I watch some movies, but I could not afford to miss a scene or a detail from this film.

They were just living their lives independently until that chance encounter in the hospital. I liked how Anne allowed the guy to pursue her, little by little, since that encounter.She never let him take things the easy way. In fact, she was expecting the worst. And it was in expecting the worst and bracing herself for another heartache that she found the best.

It just reminds me that in anything, it is best to just hope but never to expect. The best things in life are the surprises that you did not see coming at the beginning.

Here is my favorite line from the film, said by Jake to Anne almost at the end of the film:

“I want us. You. This.”


Those were five words said with so much conviction.

True to its name, this movie is highly addictive. It’s something you keep in your hard drive or your DVD case for a second, third, fourth, fifth… nth watching.

It is something that makes you believe that amidst all the craziness, love is beyond an addictive drug.


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