Ruby Sparks

I never really considered any other film to be a real writer’s film. But after watching Ruby Sparks last night, I think I just found my first title holder for being a must-watch film for modern writers (and writer wannabes like me). If ever you would feel traces of writer’s block, this might just be the film to help you unblock it. Whether you want a feel good film or something with just the right amount of intellectual kick, this wonderfully crafted art is worth giving time to.

Where should I begin to describe this modern twist to the classic Pygmalion tale? Even the harshest of Rotten Tomatoes’ critics gave it a good nod of approval with a rating of 79%. I was fascinated and inspired by this film. After doing some online research, I was even more fascinated to find that the redheaded beautiful actress playing Ruby Sparks, Ms. Zoe Kazan, wrote the screenplay herself. Talk about beauty and brains!

There was just so much respect for women in this movie. And it was something I can personally relate to because I was once in a controlling relationship similar to what Calvin initially did to Ruby Sparks. It was not an ordinary fairy tale with an alpha male and a damsel in distress. It was something so unique that I do not always find it in movies of this genre.

A dash of magic was what it took for Calvin to physically manifest the woman of his dreams. Ruby embodied a strong, 21st century woman who was out to do things and explore the world. The balanced take on society’s issues and real life romantic relationships was tastefully incorporated into this magical comedy. Dano’s affecting performance as Calvin, the lonely but extremely gifted novelist, was something that I will distinctly remember for a long time.

I am hoping that I will be able to find more wonderful movies like this one.