Works Cited 4U: Biblio-making Just Got Automated!

The most crappy part of preparing a manuscript is the mechanical task of typing up the Bibliography page according to the specified format. For editors, it’s hell when the author sends in his manuscript and just cites the sources in whatever way he wants. The task of aligning and proofreading it according to the required standards of the publisher takes such a long time to do. Can you just imagine how hard it is to construct the whole thing (manuscript or research work) and edit its content? And then you still have to deal with this additional time-consuming task?

However taxing and tedious the task, this is the one part of the book or research that we cannot do without. This spells the difference between a properly cited piece of research versus a plagiarized one. Copyright infringement can hurt; a well-arranged bibliography is the way to ensure that your intellectual piece does not lead you to publication demise.

But gone are those days of manual hassle in typing up and creating the format on each item, thanks to four researching geniuses who decided to take the hellish repetitive motion out of creating bibliographies of any sort of citation (MLA, APA, Chicago). As of time of posting, the service is for free when you visit their website.

Check out the interface of this neat bibliography maker with this screenshot here:

Basically, it will just ask you to input the required fields for a book, periodical or any other form of research source. If you already have it stored previously, you can let the system remember it and retrieve it for you without typing the whole thing again. It will create the Bibliography format for you at any format of your choice (APA, Chicago or MLA, to be more specific!).

The output is already print ready. A little tweaking in MS Word or any word processor and voila, you have your list ready and aligned to the specified citation standard of your choice. Heck, you can even prepare three types of Bibliographies to make it friendly for all publishing platforms.

Researchers, thesis makers and editors like me may explore more on Works Cited 4 U by experiencing it directly here.

I just love online freebies for editors and writers!