Blazer of Glory


(image credits go to my sister Harvey Vanessa, for gamely taking photos of my back. LOL.)

I went to a semi-formal event last weekend for renewing my license and keeping up on the trends of the geodetic engineering practice with consideration to globalization and global competitiveness. Interesting topics, but I found myself at a bit of a frantic phase the night before because I don’t have a thing to wear. My trusty black dress fit for all occasions was still in the laundry basket (and I have only around 2 of those classic babies so close to wearing out).

At best, I only had this checkered red and blue outfit hanging on the cabinet that perfectly shows off my gams in a non-obtrusive way and it looks marvelous with the 4.5 inch slingback peeptoe platforms I bought some weeks back. To top that off, the red color kind of mixes will with the unused maroon Longchamps shoulder bag tote that is big enough to stuff my newly assigned laptop in. 🙂 But I know that the dress was way too casual!!! :-S

Between a tight schedule and a tight wallet, I don’t think I’ll be able to buy a new dress in time.

The solution turned out to be easy. I grabbed a dark brown thick blazer from my closet that runs from the shoulders down to the middle of my thigh, around a centimeter below the end of the checkered dress. I draped it over my otherwise casual dress. It worked wonders.Leaving it open showed the variety of colors inside the dress while giving it a formal, ready for plenary feel.

I will always be thankful for blazers for being such a lifesaver. My blazer looks a bit like the one pictured above but it’s much darker and is much closer to red and chocolate brown hues and harmonized with my Longchamps.

I guess I lacked hot oil treatment at the most. But who cares? I was just there to attend and see what writing contributions I can make to the Southeast Asian Conference in June. 🙂 I’m pretty happy to go to the hotel with the confidence that I was dressed okay and I did not actually whip out an additional expense just to pull off that look. 😉

We not-so-financially-endowed girls have learned early in life that this kind of constraint is the true mother of resourcefulness. <3