Spotlight (2015)

My husband and I have been wanting to check out this film for months. I was really intrigued with the Oscar-winning performance of Mark Ruffalo in this film. And with serious actors like Michael Keaton and Rachel Mcadams in the group plus a plot that zeroes in on a publication (The Boston Globe) and a controversy, I just knew that we had to watch this as soon as possible.  The film got a 96% rating in Rotten Tomatoes and with good reason.

Ruffalo’s acting was organically astounding. He was a natural. He was really deep in this character and you kind of find yourself rooting for him, feeling his anguish and struggles, and hoping for the best for him and the rest of the team of journalists who got affected by the scandal of clerical abuse. It was not overdone. There were no heroics in the film, as it should be, given the theme of the film.

The compelling storyline drives the movie. With no distracting┬ávisual effects or heroics, the film relies solely on the strength of the plot itself. And this is what makes it really brilliant. If I were to liken it to a book, it’s the one with a fairly regular setting but remains to be a gripping page-turner.

The film made me think about my faith, too. It was based on a true to life turn of events that spanned decades before it unveiled itself as one of the biggest news scoops in the century. The birth of a very well-done news expose plus the tenacity of this team of journalists is something that I found highly admirable and worth emulating. All I had during the entire time was respect for the characters represented in this movie. They are amazing people who did their jobs in the face of massive adversity.

The reel became really real for me when I watched this film. I really hope that I can watch more high quality films like this in the future.