My Bed Says I.M.Y.

I have a new goal: sleep at least 7 hours every night again. I was able to do it while reviewing for the board exam. That was a hectic time of my life; why can’t I do it now that I am only required to do 8 hours of work? I’m addicted to Gab, to RockMelt, to my job to everything under the sun. The downside of having reality better than your dreams is that you find it so damn difficult to get some sleep. Always uppity uppity.

This is bad; I have gotten used to sleeping for 6 hours or less. I know that’s normal for some people. My friend nurse Leah even told me before that man’s actual average hours of required sleep is only 4 hours per day. But the excess is for rest. I don’t have enough of that lately! This is really not a good habit to cultivate. I did this in college, where I maxed myself out as a college student and working girl. Often, my body had to force me to get some rest by making me bedridden with a can-no-longer-be-ignored disease!

Since I swore to live a healthy and well-rested lifestyle, I made sure I catch my zzzz’s or forty winks or whatever you call it. I started to feel the effects this afternoon. I almost fell asleep on my new baby Camille!!!! Nooooooooooo… I love what I am doing. And by far, Camille is the most spiritually rewarding of all my baby manuscripts.

Oh, I have not introduced my new babies just yet.  I have two new baby manuscripts: Camille (another Philosophy book like Peewee but much more meaty!) and Britzky Spears (bwahahaha, pangalan pa lang, ma-excite ka nang basahin ang kalalabasan!)

Frose is progressing quite steadily but surely. Peewee is in the “teething” stage between me and the layout artist for inputting those bloody red corrections I made out of it.

They were not kidding when they said that publishing is a fast-paced industry! I am now juggling them together. And two of them are due for final submission by December 15. Go, go, go for the gold says my indirect boss this afternoon. I told her: Go not just for the gold. We also go for the platinum, the silver, the bronze, etc.

And so, the platinum, the silver, the bronze, the gold and whatever I can go for in meeting these fast-paced publishing deadlines bids me to click the Publish button, Shut down my dear Gab and climb up to my soft, wide bed. Hmmm. Sounds good.

Good night friends! :mrgreen: I am so looking forward to regularizing my sleeping patterns again!