The Crown Factor

Some people are disposed to like fairy tales. Despite my age, I am a fairy tale fanatic. I have this thing for shiny objects like authentic princess crowns splayed with diamonds. Crowns do not come by in a third world country so chandeliers do the trick for me most of the time (LOL). I used to think it was just a matter of strange preference or attachment to my inner child. But I was amazed to discover that human psychology concepts give me a viable explanation as to why this is so.

I don’t buy the whole idea of stereotyping people into 16 neat categories. But I believe insights from Myer Briggs typology are quite accurate and useful when dealing with people. The whole explanation of Myer Briggs typology (MBTI) is difficult, so I leave Google to tell you the rest.

Suffice it to say that natural INFP’s like me have this internal obsession of weaving fairy tales of their own making. They (INFPs) are the princes and princesses in such self-created fairy tales. They are the ones people here in the Philippines may accurately call “may sariling mundo”. I do have this very strong tendency to drown myself in the world of numbers and words when I refuse to make an effort to connect to the rest of the real world. It is from this inner world that I get my writing inspiration. And as it turns out, it is my way to cope with whatever intense experience life throws my way.

I gravitate towards psychology topics like moth to a flame. My Myer Briggs personality type, however, is not as fixed as gravity. It swings between two types: INFP/INFJ. According to my friend Bobby (who had mastered and self-studied the nuances of MBTI), my natural type is still INFP, and I agree. But somehow, I have fortunately evolved enough to balance my P and J functions.

But once upon a time, an INFP became a real life princess. She is none other than Princess Diana of England.

She admitted in an interview that she was an INFP type. It’s really awesome to find the likes of Princess Diana and Mahatma Gandhi to share the same personality type as I have. It kind of gives me hope that the same stuff they had is lodged permanently in me somewhere in this quarter life mess.

I’ve always considered myself a princess in my own internal world, though others may beg to disagree. It’s an entirely different world of my own making, filled with numerous interconnecting figments of my imagination. When reality seems a little too tedious, I find it so easy to withdraw into that world. I may be strapped to a single place due to my introverted nature, but my mind travels a lot and transcends geographic limitations.

My favorite Disney princess of all time is Snow White, and I was happy in third year high school when a schoolmate called me Snow White casually in the corridor. That time, I barely had sun exposure in the Catholic private school I studied in for 11 years. So my skin was as white as paper and I had jet black hair to boot. And I was a size 0 or size 0.5, because I was unbelievably thin then.

Speaking of crowns, the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 candidates are all vying for the coveted crown this year and the competition is heightened. And I just discovered recently that I know someone personally from the roster of candidates. Her name is Shamcey Supsup, and I met her during college days. We ate together once in the UP Beach House because a good friend from CE introduced us.

I am really amazed because this woman has beauty, height, and brains combined. She was the top 1 in the recent Architecture licensure examination and graduated from UP as a Magna cum laude. How I wish she makes it to the Miss Universe pageant so that she can kick ass on the Q & A portion. Go Shamcey! I hope you get to read this! I am still confused how you maintain that 22 inch waistline even when we eat the same amount of rice.

I was talking about Shamcey to my officemates then I bemoaned: “How is it possible that one woman can have everything (beauty, brains and even height!)?” And a guy officemate, Kuya Warren, in an effort to comfort me for my lack of height, told me that it is not always good to have everything. He told me of the tragic tale of Princess Manohara Pinot.

Princess Manohara is one of the loveliest people I have seen on planet earth. She was, in fact, one of Indonesia’s 100 most precious women before she got married to the Prince of Malaysia. The prince had taken such a liking to her and whisked her off in what seemed to be a fairy tale romance.

But around two years later, Princess Manohara emerged as a victim of physical torture and abuse. Fellow INFP Princess Diana did not really have her stellar happy ending either. She died on a car crash, even. Sighs. So much for liking their crowns. I am happy to stick to my chandelier obsession.

Nonplussed, I remain convinced that happy endings are still possible. And if in case I get stuck in a sad real life ending (I acknowledge that this is not a remote possibility given my age and the statistics of relationship failures), I have my interior castle to help get me through the best and the worst of times: tinkering with numbers, playing with words, and reveling in intellectual stimulation to last me a lifetime.

At that rate, I can hardly ask for anything more, save for the next paycheck that will help pay the bills. 🙂