Shop More (at) Payless

Last Friday was a mad day, what with paychecks pouring in right before another traffic-laden weeknight. Whiling away the time with a paycheck in a mall with an ongoing SALE did not help my burgeoning fetish for footwear. As of that moment where I stepped inside Payless purposefully to get me something for my feet, I have officially signed up my membership in the silent sorority comprised of the hordes of women who adore shoe sales.

The Payless fascination was not a whim. In fact, I had been curiously peering at the store when I was still passing by Galleria daily from my previous job. I just knew that I will get value for money. I am not after the really expensive ones for now because I am on a tight budget given all my future preparations.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have succumbed to the girl gene who loves to shop. I surprised myself to find that I really did have the girl gene which responds positively to retail therapy. Interestingly, I was a late bloomer in this category like many other things in life.ย  So please allow me to ruminate about shoes a bit more… On average, I buy a new pair of shoes every 3-5 years. Last year, I was only able to buy a basic black pair of ballet flats for daily use (and I overused it to the point of total tearing) and a pair of yellow sneakers at Cagayan de Oro’s flea market. I’ve outdone last year’s performance with last week’s shocking splurge.

For days, I have been looking at the blogs which promote fashion essentials. And a really useful list of the 10 essential pairs of shoes every woman must have was one of my most visited links this week. It’s a very grounded and sensible list, as I am on the lookout for classic types that can go with anything I wear. I was not after those wild trends like those large printed pants which can scare anyone within a 5-meter distance. Loud as I am with the people I am close to, I kind of like the subdued and not-too-ostentatious style that I can see myself wearing 3, 5, orย  7 years from now.

Honestly, I was only after completing number 1 on that list this month (ballet flats). And I happen to have my eye on a pair of nude ballet flats at Muji in Greenbelt a week ago.It was priced at 2,000, which I think was not a bad deal for a long-term investment for my often-tired feet.

But I ended up buying THREE out of the ten in one blow at Robinsons Galleria. And I have to pay for that dearly, believe me. For now, allow me to indulge in my (hopefully!) last splurge for the next three months.

I did end up buying a pair of flats but it was not nude or black as originally planned. It was this ultra-cute blue checkered and soft flat shoes that I see myself wearing almost everyday:


That was actually the second pair which caught my attention. I know I was looking for classic colors but I just could not resist this pair when I saw it. It just looks so comfortable.

My third pick (where I only had around 2 minutes to decide after seeing my Paulo’s very annoyed facial expression) was this very playful peep-too slingback platforms in shiny black. In retrospect, I was unable to inspect the side stitching glitch that much but it looked nice with my classic velvet Gap skirt with side slits which I had since I was (gasp!) 14 years old. There are really timeless pieces that look great no matter what age you wear them.


My very first pick was actually a pair of nude pumps but they did not have better stock at Payless Galleria (understandably since it was a sale evening!). So I had to pick the next breathtaking pair on the size 6 rack: shoes1

I must admit, I have a very huge bias leaning towards slingbacks. But this four-inch dark blue baby looks almost black, looks almost like an ankle or calf-length boot on a certain angle, and is surprisingly comfortable. The shiny black slingback gave me a lot of hell when I tried to walk in it on a smooth inclined concrete hall this morning although it did wonders to my thin legs.

I guess I satisfied 2.5 out of 10 in the list of essentials from Shannon’s very helpful blog entry, if I consider the blue slingback peeptoe platforms as a transition pair for ankle booties. (I only need to satisfy 9 out of 10 here in Manila because there is really no place in a tropical country for Uggs or Wellies.)

The fun part of it all was that there was a “BUY 2, TAKE 1” gimmick at Payless, so I ended up getting the blue flats as a freebie. ๐Ÿ™‚

Finding these three pairs are one of the few actual times of fun I’ve had in the last few weeks. And while I’m sorry that it hurt my wallet so much, I am not sorry that I spent Friday night buying these things for myself. I don’t see myself wearing heels in my old age. This is the ripe age to try as much shoe styles as possible. I think that if I refuse to allow myself to have the much-needed mental break or leisure from all these things that are happening to me, I will end up driving myself insane.

And as many a woman would say, a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. It’s just one of those things that I have finally come to understand, albeit a little late for someone my age. But then again, that’s fine; I’m not really after waging contests on who has the most shoes. I just want to find the shoe that fits, somehow similar to my previous fulfilled quests of finding the right job that fits my skills, or even finding the right person who matches what I can offer in a relationship.

Payless certainly did not disappoint. But next month, I’ll hold tighter to my paycheck, I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚