Murphy’s Law

Without going into necessary details, I must say that Murphy’s Law does happen. And perhaps this is why I am running on caffeine at 3am here at the office, thinking of the next task on this very long list. The worst possible things that a working girl can have for the day’s work happened to me this morning and it cascaded into the rest of the day. Still, I am thankful for the fact that the services of this poor and moody soul is highly in demand and this has caused a lot of the events that I did not imagine happening.

I won’t be posting a long one today because I am on “power saving” mode for the work day by 8am in a faraway place of assignment. Now, I am hopefully still productive in reading some books on Flood management. My poor brain can use 8 hours of sleep in a soft and air-conditioned bed. I promise to treat myself after this week is over. I really promise. <3

I have to really make amends to myself for this kind of self-imposed torture.