Orphan Black s01

The sci-fi binge continues!

My current favorite sci-fi show now is the Tatiana Maslaney-starred show entitled Orphan Black. It’s a Canadian science fiction TV show that centers on a very controversial topic: human cloning. I used my trial subscription on PLDT’s latest iFlix service to check it out for the first time. Aaaaand, I finished season 1 in one sitting on my 5.2-inch, cheap Android smartphone and I can even access my viewing progress from my laptop when I sign in.


I googled for more information on the show and I was really thrilled with what I found so far. I think that the characters are absolutely delightful, especially Felix and Alison. There are some gory scenes but when you’ve watched alien bogeys from Doctor Who and Fringe, it’s a pretty standard form of weirdness. I have yet to watch the highly talked about “The Strain,” which they say is really a whole new level of twisted.

The iFlix trial period expires in a few days so I am carving out some time to line up the shows I want to watch before it does! I have not resumed my Doctor Who watching exploits just yet, but with 11,000 hours of movies and shows to choose from in their library, I have very little reason to complain. I use it mainly to preview some TV series that I do not want to download yet but intend to preview if it’s really worth watching. Unintentionally, I ended up from previewing to finishing all the episodes they have on Orphan Black. Streaming is pretty fast and the interface is pretty navigable.

Now that I have caught up on fairly interesting TV shows recently, I hope that I can catch up on my much longer personal reading list. 🙂