Day 22: #100HappyDays
Hulk Band Helena

“You can HULK it out!” -Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga

HULK it out, indeed, for my 22nd Happy Day! šŸ™‚


OOTD Details: Basic Black Tube Top, Bench OJ Curve Enhancing Denim Jeans, Fancy Black Eyeglasses, Pearl Earrings from Dam Good Stuff, Basic Scarf

Lately, I am discovering my favorite types of clothing. I do not feel daunted to wear skin-hugging pieces these days.. It’s not too tight to the point of suffocation, but just enough for a range of movements. Also, I am inclined to dress casually unless it’s absolutely necessary to go formal.

This year, I like wearing jeggings and skinny jeans. It looks marvelous with just about anything, even a plain black tube top. Especially with a plain black tube top!

Bench OJ Curve Enhancing Jeans

Bench OJ Curve Enhancing Jeans

I added in a scarf for flair and simple pearl earrings.

Much as I’d like to linger on an elliptical trainer daily, I cannot. And this is why I love my newly acquired Proform fitness band! I started with the light band from Proform’s beginner kit.Ā  šŸ™‚ But I am the happy Hulk, aptly marking the 22nd day of the 100HappyDays journey.

Exercise Bands - the Portable Toning Workout

Exercise Bands – the Portable Toning Workout

In keeping with the spirit of the Bilbil Busters for Budget Conscious Brides and Beauties, here is my 4th tip: incorporate fitness activities into your lifestyle as seamlessly as your circumstances will allow.

Today, since I created this blog seriesĀ  for working women, I will share some exercises that you can do at work. No mats, no gyms, no hardcore equipment.

Aside from my personal favorites, which I highlighted here, there are also some useful exercise links that I found while I was researching for this topic:

You see, I could just be anywhere with these resistanceĀ  bands, and I can still do my toning workout. I cannot carry the elliptical or the exercise bike in my bag but this fits perfectly in my pocket. The only precaution is to keep it from extremes of heat and cold. Yesterday, I had to fix my bag a bit because my phone was in direct contact with the band. I am working and working out at the same time.

I am concentrating on my glutes and hips this week so I tied the band to add dimension to my basic squat position:

Squat Position with Band

Squat Position with Band

Definitely not in the gym but still working those muscles anyway…

While I am in front of my computer I would sometimes feel like I am getting hunched, what Filipinos call as hukot. Last time I had myself checked, I was told that my xray indicates scoliosis. When I decided to revamp my lifestyle, I prioritized posture correction. Before, I had this back support band but it’s too bulky. Since I already have my bands in my pocket,Ā  I do a quick arm workout by stretching my arms with the band and I immediately feel my spine aligning itself…


A typical band can stretch up to 2 to 3 times its original size. Mine was quite short so I plan to stock on more fitness bands later with a higher level of resistance. But I do like the transparent gray effect, which gives me an idea of how much I have stretched my band.


My recent fitness-relatedĀ  readings recommended the resistance band, and it’s really one lightweight but result-heavy investment I have made in my healthy lifestyle. I chose the one without the handles, although there are a handful of neat things that you can do with a resistance band with handle. I just like the flexibility of this one because I can tie it anywhere and shape it in any way I want.

Some gurus claim that fitness bands tone better than weights. Whether it’s true or not, I really like trying different forms of workout and this band workout certainly is on top of my list for its mobility and flexibility. It succeeds in sustaining workouts where others have failed because it’s portable, light, and relatively low impact compared to hardcore cardio. Done alone, it might not be enough. But when you are in those hectic days where you cannot really do a full hour’s workout, squeezing in these exercises may be a bit of a breather or savior that keeps you in line with your fitness goals.

When I am in the comforts of my home, I use the band with a mat and do some nice tummy, leg, lower back, and butt exercises on the floor. Maybe later I can take photos and share some of the positions I have learned. The band alsoĀ  goes well with standing workouts like lunges.

If the bands prove to plateau or lose its flavor for you later, you can mix it up with a light dumbbell. It’s really neat and full of potential for variety.

As with all forms of exercises, I am enjoying and basking in the full stretch of my arms and the endorphin rush in my brains:


I can’t wait to discover new things to incorporate in my life as part of my revamped fitness-loving lifestyle. For now though, I just want to enjoy this moment of feeling healthy, happy, and flexible. <3