The Love Language of Nine West


Our Christmas tree is currently overflowing with a bunch of wrapped stuff. My godson is already trying to pry his gift open. I appeared nonchalant when my beloved partner in life handed me a white Nine West paper bag with a gold bow. I had a Wish List written for my office exchange gift giver. Nine West was not on my list. It drove my future sis in law and fiancé crazy when they saw that I did not seem psyched to open my gift.

Between the two of us, I am the one who is more showy and expressive about my feelings. I am the affectionate one. He is more of the silent, logical, thinking type who does not often give way to his emotions. Or so he thinks. Even if he is not too showy about his feelings or he does not talk about feelings as openly as I do, I can fully tell that he loves me. I cannot even measure how much.

Over the almost three years of knowing him, I think I just saw this Nine West parcel as a medium of his love language. My sweetheart is not the type who gives gifts that are cute but useless. He gives nice things that I can use everyday. He is super pragmatic like that. I often fall for objects that I want but do not need. He anchors me on my purchases and in every occasion, he makes sure to give me what I need in the most simple and stylish way possible. I can be proud to say that he worked very hard to save up for his gift giving expenses this year. We shopped together for our loved ones and I knew that when it comes to useful things that his family and friends can use, he will not hold back or be a penny pincher.

I never knew that love can be shown through a wallet. While there are no wads of Philippine peso bills inside this simple, beige beauty, I knew that it is overflowing with his love, a love that transcends feelings, and an unquestionable love that shows the generous spirit of this Christmas season. I was pretty lucky to decode the love language hiding underneath this unassuming but classic piece of accessory.

After Christmas, people will randomly see this wallet in my possession as a mere object:


But for me, it held a lot of messages from the inside, more than my important cards, coins, and papers can ever express as I use it everyday.

The wallet did not talk to me with its mouth but each time that I look at this wallet, I will always think of the message that lies underneath it from its sender: I love you. I want to give you the very best of anything with all I have. I value you. I treasure you. I want you to remember me everyday. I want to take good care of you and give you what you need and what you want as much as I am able. 

There is a story behind this single item. He told me that some days back, he heard some bunch of women at his office fawning over Nine West. He got the impression that it’s a special thing. And so he said to himself: “If it’s special, I’ll go and buy her THAT.”

Just one sentence.He probably did not notice that I was very happily replaying this sentence in my head while I was at the passenger seat of the car on the way home.

I guess despite the poker face that I showed earlier while I was getting this paper bag from him, this is really what I wanted to say: I love his gifts not mainly because they are cool and stamped with what the world views as a classy thing to give. I love them because it came from HIM, the love of my life.

And he might not know how much I want to say this, but he is clearly the biggest and most valuable gift that trumps all the material gifts in this Christmas tree.

Whether it’s a 20-peso coin purse from the Japan thrift store or a slightly pricey wallet, I will always be thankful as long as it comes from him.  And I will always be happy to give him the gift of words as he expresses a statement of love that is etched more permanently than the Nine West logo on his Christmas gift.

Thanks, Sweetheart. It was not on my wish list because what you give, gave, and continue to give is MORE THAN what I can possibly imagine or wish for in this life. I love you so much.