Robot Feels

I was surfing the net for interesting things when I bumped into this news article about Pepper, a robot that understands feelings. Some days after that, I read about this article on Google’s algorithm in their chatbot AI that can discuss with you on philosophical questions such as the meaning of life.

Wow. Wicked! So I guess the Will Smith film entitled Artificial Intelligence is no longer fictional, theoretically speaking. It can actually happen these days, can’t it?

I am really amazed at where all this is leading. Tech is super cutting edge these days and the pie is so huge in the development work that you can just carve out a tiny space in the computing universe and silently work your way in it. If a good community adopts you for open source collaborative work, then it’s wonderful. You are not stuck in that place where everybody is doing the same thing and you have to be a super alpha type to stand out. In the computing universe, you can pretty much do anything and then some more without stepping on other people’s toes.

These days, I think the problem is more on managing time to get used to the learning curve of these new technologies and applying them to real life problems. If you want to learn something, it’s all out there already. In fact, there are so many things that are engaging my interest that I am just trying to determine which one of these pursuits I have a sustained interest in. This year, fortunately, I have learned to say no. 🙂