Relax, Chillax, 8Tracks

Relaxing is important to end this year and start the next year right. I have always believed in the power of music. More and more online streaming platforms are available for everyone. Sometimes I can go for days without updating my iPod because I just use online platforms like Grooveshark or 8Tracks to discover new sounds.

I am frequenting chill playlists these days especially at the height of my deadlines. It helps to listen to playlists like this delightful Tropico list I was bobbing my head to, for example:

It’s like mental vacation for times where a real vacation or staycation is impossible. Staycation is becoming a buzz word these days. But I remembered what my female monk bestfriend told me last year, that peace of mind is not attached to places. It always begins on the inside. It matters little if you are in a noisy pub or in a quiet cemetery. What matters more is the state of mind and how you eliminate the inner noise that threatens to cripple it.

I don’t have all the answers, but I am quite certain that music helps. 🙂