Shedding Pounds
with Swedish House Mafia

A full body workout requires a tremendous amount of discipline to maintain on a daily basis. As such, I turn to resourcefulness and production of variety in routine to keep it interesting. And guess what? It’s possible to shimmy to the tune of Swedish Mafia and lose the inches off my waist. I did away with the tape measures. I merely estimated my progress based on dress sizes.

And lately, I had to pull my pants higher every few minutes. I guess that as far as my assessment is concerned, I am accomplishing something that I have not accomplished for the past year. 🙂 I am happy to report that after years of eating garbage, it’s actually still possible to make positive lifestyle changes.

One of the things that really helped me sustain my recently acquired fancy for working out is the use of appropriate workout music. There is something absolutely hypnotic and fun about swaying hips and moving my feet according to the beat I am hearing from upbeat songs. In this pursuit of an interesting workout playlist, I found Swedish House Mafia. (Special thanks to Alexis for introducing her S.H.M. playlist to me two days ago!)

It became a really fun workout; I did not concern myself that much about form or heavy lifting. In college, I took weight lifting classes and I enjoyed it but I could no longer sustain it after the semester. It was just so complicated getting to know too much equipment.

These days, it was really more about keeping the flow of movement on a daily basis. I tried different things. I do my best to incorporate exercise in my daily routine as well. For example, I’d use the stairs or I will opt to walk instead of ride short distances. I realized that it’s actually possible to have a lifestyle conducive to weight loss without spending a fortune on gym memberships. It’s even more special doing it like that because it’s all natural and did not have any artificial intervention whatsoever. When you have 5 liters of mineral water or a kilo of laundry, that counts for weights and that’s more than a typical girly dumbbell. Not that I am against gyms; I am just trying to find alternatives because I have other goals for the money I would be spending for a lifetime gym membership. I guess, in a way, I hacked my life to create a mini-gym in it.

The intuitive approach to fitness is a really nice way to incorporate balance in my life and I am sure that other people can find some benefit from it, too, if they take a chance on it. I just listen to my body and I became more attuned with what it needs in an almost instinctive way. It takes a lot of time to do this, but it’s really time well spent in my opinion.

Because I am now under some form of minimalistic survival mode due to my unorthodox circumstance, I have once again relied on my skills to maximize whatever resources I have on hand.   Right now, information sources are quite abundant all over the Internet. It’s only a matter of managing everything properly. With a good internet connection and a trusty computer, a lot of things can be researched, downloaded, and implemented for personal consumption.

Often, I make it an advocacy to write about helpful things whenever I can. I will be making some posts soon detailing my progress if I reach my health and fitness milestones to encourage other people who want to lose some pounds.

But here is a starter regarding the workout music I constructed: I began constructing a collection of workout routines that are fairly simple, interesting enough to tickle my fancy, and well-matched to my makeshift playlist.

I opted for a simpler lifestyle so I did not really enroll in a gym (though I am actually toying with the idea of enrolling in a single type of class for a particular workout that I cannot possibly learn on my own).

Basically, the technique is to “trick myself” into losing weight by making it too fun to resist even if it is painful to my arms, legs, and tummy. And music really helped a lot especially when I am in the final crunch of my exercise. 🙂