World Ends on Saturday? Nooooo…

Rev. Harold Camping of Christian group Family Radio is alerting the world that the world will end this Saturday, May 21st, with banners to boot. The billboards are, quite frankly, a cause of additional anxiety to the rest of us world citizens.  I distinctly remember the Y2K bug in 2000 and everybody partied like crazy in 1999.

(image credits go to Brian Cameron of Flickr, as featured by CBC)

Some of the previous end of the world prophecies that bombed include October 22, 1944 (Miller), 1914 (Jehovah’s Witnesses), December 17, 1919 (Albert Porta, meteorologist), and August 18, 1999 (American psychic). The predictions come from various sources. This particular present prediction I am posting about is apparently based from Family Radio’s Biblical interpretations and a bit of Math!

Yet to be proven is this Saturday’s prediction and the famous December 12, 2012, as derived from the symbolic end of the Mayan calendar. Even my 150+ IQ-laden dad somehow believes the 12-12-12 theory. My friend in UP said that she is waiting for this date to finish her thesis because it might all go to waste if she tried to finish it now and experience the end of the world after (LOL!).

Interestingly, the Family Radio community has not asked for monetary compensation in exchange for this prediction, which is a tell that they really are hell-bent and serious in digging this end of the world thing.

True or not, I have always believed in seizing the day and living each day as if it were my last! (But I sure hope it’s not true because I still have lots of dreams, stuff to write and things to change within myself.)