Optimization Determination

A week ago, a friend asked me how I manage to optimize things to an almost ruthless level of efficiency.

I find it hard to answer because it was not something that happened overnight. I guess the most motivating factor of all is LOVE. It’s not the fluffy love in red letters and heart shapes. It’s the love that works for its beloved, the type that can go on with certain discomforts if it means a moment of reprieve for the one that you love. One day, I just fell in love and I realize that I cannot afford to waste any more of the precious moments in life for meaningless things.

It became a crusade that is switched on all the time and this crusade is pushing me to outdo my previous self, to go farther than I have gone in the past, and to just be the best possible version of myself.

Optimization is scary. It can be construed as too structured or not fun. But it’s fun because it multiplies your time and maximizes the resources available. It takes time to hit optimization milestones but I get all giddy when it happens to me.

Few people will understand why I am such a sucker for planning and for optimizing. Even waiting time in queues like LRT train stations is used for reviewing new music on my iPod or reading chapters from a long novel. I just make sure that I am productive. Even when I am drying my hair in front of an electric fan after shampooing, I make a mental list of my things to do for that day and organize my time chunks accordingly. I am subscribed to blogs of people who are productivity freaks.

Love has profound effects on people. For me, it has the effect of jolting me to optimizing my life so that I can do everything well. In a way, some people think it’s overkill but I cannot see myself living in any other way. Sure, there are still moments that are unplanned. I still have pockets of time given over to chaos and unexpected things. But most of the time, if I can schedule or align it, it will have its own pre-assigned or ordained space in my mind.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” – 1 Corinthians 13:7



Day 52: #100HappyDays
Inconvenienced Love

Sacrifice is the quality that makes love REAL.

Sacrifice is the quality that makes love REAL.


Today was not exactly the uppity happy day I had in mind but I am posting this one because it’s important for my long-time happiness (happiness the lifestyle and not the mood-based happy state of mind). This was the tail of the week where I succumbed to a fit of rage for a whole variety of reasons.

I guess I am posting this as a happy day entry since I realized how lucky I am to be loved, loved enough that my partner is willing to make sacrifices for me. It’s not cool to admit that someone sacrificed something for me. But I just posted it here in appreciation. It does make me happy that he made this grand but obscure gesture of love to me at a time where I am not particularly at my most lovable best. Thanks, sweetheart.

Day 31: #100HappyDays


There are no pictures that will ever be enough to depict the happy feeling of being the bride in a pamamanhikan.

Some people find it odd for our respective families to have this so late in the wedding preparations. But I believe that as a Filipina, it’s a necessity that I will look back on during my old age with much fondness and joy.

I wrote so much to my partner in our private account about this very special and personal event. Here, I will just be logging it as a simple entry for my #100happydays challenge. You don’t really get to share everything to the world. Some things are just too precious to be shared and better lodged in that part of your brain that is reserved for a lifetime of flavorful safekeeping of happy memories.

For my complicated family who welcomed my incoming additional family, thank you. For my new incoming family and my partner, I am so happy that we had this together. Such a happy memory.

Day 29: #100HappyDays
A Preview of My Future


Today, Labor Day, I saw a glimpse of future duties and of a future life shared with a wonderful person. I posted a photo of sunglasses for my log today because I really believe in a bright future that needs me to wear shades more often. 😉

I am just amazed at the blessing of being with him. To think I had a semi-lactose intolerant moment during Mass of this day. But that did not eclipse the pure happiness of sharing my life with an awesome person.

Thanks for helping me have a more sunny disposition in life. You really are the best gift that God has ever given me. I love you.

Open Invitation for College Students (male AND female)

This is one of those things I wish I had attended when I was in college. But during my time (it was not so long ago, by the way!), there was no such event. This is for all my male and female readers who are in college. If you are interested, you can email me at me@helenmarylabao.com for more details.