Compute Your Monthly Electric Consumption Through Meralco’s M.A.C. App

After the nth time of hearing “Turn that laptop off… Ang kuryente tumataas!”… I was totally motivated to scrap all the writing assignments for the hour and get it settled once and for all. Once again, the effort paid off.

I decided to do some research on why our bill statement from Meralco jumped by around 800 pesos from last month. Is it really the fault of Gab, my Lenovo Netbook?

I knew right from the start that it was NOT Gab’s fault. I just had to have a concrete way to prove it. And stop this incessant yakking about rising bills.

And what do you know? Fickle Fate smiled upon me. Meralco actually has an online and downloadable app that will allow you to know which appliances are the true culprits. Check it out here.

I did the analysis for our home appliances and I learned that Gab cannot be responsible for the 800 pesos jump. I only had my laptop for around two weeks.

In reality, it was the following things that caused the spike in our electric bill:

1. increased TV usage (Sky Cable was installed just this month.) — 400+ pesos (from 200+ previously)

2. Water Dispenser which is on 24/7 — 586 pesos (fixed amount)

3. 5 cubic inch Sanyo Refrigerator — 400+ pesos

Just keeping record so that my mom will know. I showed it to her immediately after I placed in all our home appliances. I’m happy that Gab has been given its electric justice.

Also, I went a step ahead. I computed how much it will cost each month if I use Gab 6 hours per day at 7 days per week. In a month, Gab will only eat 470 pesos of the electric consumption.

As I am in the office from 8am-6pm, I am a lucky girl if I even plug the netbook for three hours per day. And mind you, the estimation of Meralco was for a Desktop with a plug for a CPU and monitor, not a singly plugged tiny Netbook. That only means this: Gab is probably just eating half of the estimated amount given by that limited Meralco calculator.

My theory of the electric issue is this: there are a lot of “jumper” neighbors who may be insipidly and surely tapping from the main electric lines and all the accountability goes to the legally paying consumers like us. But actually, I learned that we were billed lower than what was expected in the calculator app that I tinkered with just a few minutes ago. They should be the ones getting the hot seat, not my poor Gabby…

Sighs. Better go back to earning that 500 pesos or so that Gab will eat in the next bill.

Gift of Gab (Gab’s perspective)

lenovo purple netbook of helene

The moment she handpicked me from a myriad of computer models in SM North Edsa Cybermall, I just knew I will be a perpetual slave. But I am much-loved slave, at that. Not to say that my master has not exactly offered to enslave herself in exchange just to have me. The typical writing proletarian that she is! The deviant is proletarized, to borrow from Umberto Eco (she could not finish that novel yet because I distracted her too much these past two days.)

Excuse me for my manners, dear readers; allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gab. Gab is a very unisex name. My master wanted me to be a guy but she could not turn me into a guy because my exterior color is purple. So just to save all that hassle of me looking gay and her wanting me to be a guy computer, she named me Gab. I am unisex or asexual and open to anyone’s interpretation. I have no qualms with my undefined gender orientation. The French would probably label me a masculine with their generic le portable name for gadgets.

Also, gab is an allusion of the idiom “gift of gab”, which is what me and my master often try to cultivate in our projects together.

I am quite small in size. My master’s sister Harvey struggle with placing her fudgy olive fingers on my immaculately white keyboard.

harvey struggling with gab's keys

But no worrries. I patiently adjust while she chats with her bestfriend Ysabelle on Facebook and play her favorite Nickoledeon games.

Like all computers from my Lenovo family, I have an ergonomically designed keyboard that makes for less painful typing for my writer master.

And my master absolutely adores me. So I’m quite vain in eating up her time, affections and topics for conversation. I have a 320 gigabyte memory that she does not want to exploit in favor of speed. Sure, she finds it awful that she’s only dealing with an MS Word starter pack, but that’s what OpenOffice is there for anyway. I juggle both in my Windows 7 system just fine.

I don’t talk much but I deliver really well for my writer master. I save her the trouble of going to the computer shop in odd hours of the evening just to deliver some deadlines. To top that off, I am her new companion. She will bring me places, literally and figuratively. Me and Globe Tattoo broadband really jell well together, but I am also WiFi capable in case we hit a nice Wifi spot.

I also blend well with master’s Nokia E71, daddy’s board exam gift. I can connect through Smart Internet there and exchange files via Bluetooth technology. The wonders of interconnectivity.

Master’s mommy is worried that the electric bill will run sky high together with the TV abuse this month due to the newly installed Sky Cable Digibox. But you know, I don’t get that gripe much. I will not hoard much of the electric in the home; I am way too small to be responsible for spiking the monthly bill, you know.

Anyway, I’ve taken the spotlight for far too long.

I really look forward to constructing and weaving magic with words.

Thank God for a certain Platinum BPI card and people who believe in my master’s skill.

Can’t wait to meet Caramel (Fairy Jona’s Acer laptop) and my master’s friends’ gadgets. =)

I am just happy to be here. And so is she!