Jupiter Ascending



I am writing in a quick one before I get engulfed by the cogs in my head. I watched this yesterday and I was a little excited when I was loading the high-def version on my TV. It’s a sci-fi film with a female starrer and the Doctor Who fan in me wanted to consume something like this. (Once you’ve got a taste for sci-fi, you never go anywhere else.)

So I thought, okay, wow this looks good! I can sit through this despite my short attention span. But watching it made me feel like I ate cotton candy for breakfast. I am such a film addict but even that was not enough for me to watch it just for the sake of watching it. It really made me sad after. It made me want to indulge in emotional eating to fill out the voids.

Don’t get me wrong, though. The visual effects were really, astoundingly excellent, but plot-wise, the story was rushed and the characters were not as maximized as I had hoped. They just did not get enough out of Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum. They played more compelling roles elsewhere. It was supposed to be romantic but it felt more rushed and in the clouds (oh yeah, they were actually literally in the clouds in one scene before the alien bogeys attacked them) than love.

And why did they have to make Channing Tatum look old?!? I never really imagined that I’d watch Channing Tatum then turn to my Word processor for sustained interest. That does NOT usually happen even on the worst days of my life. The really nice animation made me give it a 2.5 out of 5, though. The action scenes could have been more compelling, that’s all.

The ending makes me feel like there is going to be a sequel to it. But I think the film earned $181M and they spent $176M making it so that $4M is not a lot considering small budget films like Pitch Perfect raking in so much more. Jupiter Ascending again? Maybe? I’d be glad to give it a shot if a decent and well-developed backstory that is not too confusing is something they’d dig for part 2. After all, it’s sci-fi.