Year of the Rabbit’s Good Vibrations for the Ox

My dad gave me a very unusual Christmas and New Year’s gift this year. I already have 200 non-work related books to read for 2011, and here’s plus one to that list:

It’s the 2011 forecasts for Ox-born people for the year of the Rabbit. The book is expensive, in my opinion. Daddy told me that these Feng Shui sisters Lillian and Jennifer Too earned millions in the past 8 years for accurately predicting trends in stocks and real estate, aside from earning from their World of Feng Shui stores in SM malls. Of course, that’s more than enough to pique my insatiable curiosity. I spent my New Year’s eve reading it.

So what did I find? According to Feng Shui experts, this year is most AUSPICIOUS for Ox people. By the way, ‘auspicious’ was the Word of the Year in 2010, according to Merriam Webster (I hope I remember it correctly). Ox animal signs are flanked with two lucky stars. My nose started to bleed somewhere in that book, so that’s just about as much as I can dish out.

Interestingly, I computed my lunar mansion or representation in the Feng Shui constellation and found that I am a SKY MONKEY. Figures why I am so noisy and on the go; I knew it was not in the nature of an ox to be such. The words charming and hardworking came up a lot to describe a Sky Monkey Ox, and I leave you to judge if I have actually accurately depicted that description.

Ox-born, Sky Monkey me, according to their predictions, will be lucky in career pursuits but not lucky in finances. Of course, I already oppose the Feng Shui for my finance luck because I have this very rigid plan of action that will make me earn, no matter what Feng Shui tells me. Luck in career has started already since I got my dream job as editor for engineering books.

Surely, most of us often check horoscopes in jest or in earnestness to see what the stars have to say about our love life. I learned that my best matches are those who are born in the year of the Ox, year of the Rat (soulmate level), year of the Rooster and year of the Snake. It’s a little frustrating because I have already dated two guy Oxes (who were as stubborn as I am!), one guy Rat and one guy Rooster.

Well, what do you know? I am close to taking chances with an entire frigging animal farm already, and I still don’t have the right person. I’m not going to throw a tantrum just now; I have yet to date a guy Snake and not work things out with him to conclude that even Feng Shui was not enough to cure my “bad romance omen”. But given my age gap to eligible guy Snakes, I am half-expecting that most of them are already married by now or are still unmarried but marred with psychological issues. Just kidding about that last part.

So, I have mixed emotions about this Feng Shui thing. My dad totally digs it for some reason. But I like it in the sense that it told me there are a lot of GOOD VIBES for me, which is exactly what I want to have more of this year.

Although I am not a Feng Shui fan, I do look forward to eating tikoy on February 3! Yum!

And happy new year to you, courtesy of my red polka dot Happy New Year dress!