How I Met Your Jehzeel

It all started with a long phone call with a guy named Sir V. 2006, right Jehz?

At the time, I was a struggling college engineering student looking for employment that will match my schedule constraints. By chance, I applied into a company manned by an extraordinary guy (Sir V, yes) who handles business in a cool and unorthodox way. And in such unorthodox and cool circumstances, I was first introduced to this Davao-based internet blogging mogul.

Sir V, in our three hour long conversation, spent about an hour or so describing to me this wonderful talented person he met who is super brainy when it comes to IT stuff. A lot of lengthy substantial conversations later, I was totally sold that this guy is really awesome. Still, my skeptic side wondered if this was all hype from Sir V or that he was really that good a protege of his.

Few days later, he added me on Friendster (those were the days when Facebook was not the preferred homepage and online hangout of the Philippine youth…). We became friends. Not difficult to befriend with, mind you. Whenever you message him, he replies. INSTANTLY. At ANY TIME of day. Like your 24-hour customer care service, but better. He injects humor and really is genuinely interested in people by nature.

But I kept some distance somehow. Because Sir V and Jehz were the people whom many will put in the too good to be true category. But through the years, I have seen that they are genuinely good, and they are true.  The most normal response is to warm up and have good thoughts about them all the time.  They are the types you don’t forget to keep in touch with, even if you already have a new job or even if years have passed. They’re the ones we can call KEEPERS.

Fast forward to today a little bit, Jehzeel Laurente is your Jehzeel, because he is available to almost every type of online human being who needs assistance in any form. ANY form of assistance. Part of his success comes from his super people skills that matched his superior IQ.  Small wonder why his single post can instantly regurgitate 75 comments, or that he was the finalist in the top 10 most influential bloggers of Asia. Yes, yes, avid Internet reader, probably we all know this already, but it’s worth repeating.

We both started earning five digits at that year we became friends. Well, I still am earning five digits. OUCH.

But he was a different story. He earn six to seven now in a month, just by being himself .

But don’t misconstrue that statement. Jehz is anything but lazy. He works so hard. He sleeps little and he is really passionate about his pro-blogging career. He just loves what he does so much that he does not feel like it is work at all.

And he was CONSISTENT. I had five or six blogs before I rested on a dot-com online home, thanks to his help really. My online presence was occasionally psychotic for the past six years, if not totally erratic or absent. He STAYED. It was not hard to find him again after 10 months of not going in the Internet. Google just loves him. Just try typing in Resignation Letter and his post will be the very first to come up.

And one more thing: HE BELIEVES IN PEOPLE. He looks at the good all the time. He just stops dealing with people only when they do something to betray his trust. Always innocent until proven guilty. It was a philosophy he learned from Sir V himself.

This guy hardly has reason to get miffed or have hang-ups against people; he is just much too blessed to even have those negative vibes going even for a sec. He was the only person who did not get too upset about getting his wallet stolen or stuff. Sure, it did help he can easily replace them. But one particular adage holds true in everything he does: People and relationships are more important than things.

Perhaps you have a lot of friends who believe in you. But not everyone who believes actually and can materially help you reach your dreams. This person is someone who, beyond believing, does whatever is humanely possible on his end (and believe me, his possibilities are endless.) to help you out.

For him, it probably does not even amount to much. He does not keep count or a score card. On the contrary, he does wonderful and generous efforts and then forgets about it. He will never oblige you to give back. He is so detached from what he gives to people, and that’s a really rare trait these days.

Like what his email signature says: “It’s not how much you have saved; it’s in how HAPPY you are.” And I believe that is really the core enterprise of his creations: to make people happy, basically. He succeeds in that too. A lot of smiling bloggers will agree. I will not be able to count in the fingers of my hands the numerous throngs of bloggers he has helped.

This person has been blessed with wealth and a good life because God probably knew he will use it later on to pay the blessing forward.

To poor inconsistent online wretches like me, he still looks at the good side and tells me: “I believe in your writing talent.” and “Keep that old nice nosebleed blog you used to post in WordPress.” Then he gives me my own domain because he means what he says. That’s that- Jehzeel magic, pure and simple.

I don’t get to say that a lot when we meet up. Often, I just end up saying something stupid like: “Bakit mas maputi ka sa akin? Ang puti puti mo! Ang taba mo na!” hahaha. Sometimes when we are really in awe of our friends, we just say stupid things to them but inside we are filled with unexpressed sentiments.

And yes, before I forget, some parts of me do tell me that he seems to be a long lost brother that I found in the Internet…

Here are the traces of our similarities:

O diba? He thinks I’m gifted. Haha. Feeling is mutual, dear brother. I probably am an ant of giftedness compared to your shiny limousine of success.

Hope “Earning six and seven digits monthly” makes the list someday.

But even if I don’t get there, I am already filthy rich having great and kind-hearted friends like Jehzeel Laurente.

And truly, I owe you! I will be the official banner holder in the audience for your next Asian blog award nomination.

I leave my readers as witnesses that I said it. haha.