The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


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I’ve been wallowing in the pits of despair for weeks and word vomiting in this blog for what seems like an eternity. Until one of my board exam tip readers Eric jolted me to back into, well, living again. My friend Jehz again recommended Netflix therapy at a time of my life where everything is just going wrong. He is a very strong person and I value this piece of advice.

It just so happened that I needed to research on comedy shows on Netflix for an article I am writing. So I ended up getting to know The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It was the best 8 hours of binge watching that I have done in this abnormal life. I was only supposed to preview it for a few minutes but ended up binge watching until the second season. And I will continue to do so until my PTSD normalizes itself.

Plot-wise, there was not much to it. It’s just a funny watch and highly encouraging. I know. She’s a fictional character of someone who got trapped by a lunatic preacher in an underground bunker for 15 years and survived to make her way in New York City after. And maybe taking inspiration from a fictional character is not the soundest of methods, but hey, it works.

I liked the fact that she had PTSD symptoms and continued to function and exude positivity. At this point, I need that kind of pick me upper. Her horrible situation did not keep her from reaching her full potential or hinder her ability to believe the very best of people. She is strange and she embraced it. And even though her excessive smiling annoys me during my low mood, I think she is a cool companion for a depressed woman who had just experienced having her entire world turned upside down and having one of her life’s supposedly happy chapters robbed of the usual joy it carries.

Anyway, I am living again. Tangina, these past few months were hard. But I am living again. I am not yet dead so that must count for something. This must mean there are still better things coming or something. Whatever. I truly hope that IRL, I can be as unbreakable as Kimmy Schmidt was in her world.


Useful Lenten Podcasts

Since Ash Wednesday, I began listening to really nice podcasts on my iPhone in keeping with the reflective season. I thought long and hard about my life, where it is going and how I plan to go about it with my lifetime partner.

It was really useful and therapeutic, and I usually find myself more centered while I code or do my writing work. While I silently work, I let these things run in the background and I find it comforting. Ideas seem to flow more easily and there is no noise that hinders me from absorbing concepts.

Here are three of my favorites for Lent and beyond Lent:

1. Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours

This tops the list because it is based on Catholic Scripture and Tradition. It is divided equally throughout the day, into 6 to 8 specific parts. If you are really going to follow through the prayers, you will basically be praying every 2-3 hours during the day from sunrise to sundown. I do not get to follow the whole 6-8 prayer per day regimen; usually, I just pop in and out of the podcast for the time that I chose to listen to it. I do it while I wash dishes, do laundry, fix the house, or do my work in the computer. It’s really excellently done and I really hope they have an Android version for this thing. Traditionally this is prayed on a physical Church from morning to evening (lauds and vespers) and referred using the thick book they call a Breviary. The nuns usually get to do it. Common folk like me can just listen to it.

2. Jesuit Media Pray as You Go Podcast

Sometimes I am out of town and I do not have the time to sit by my computer. I can only pop in this 15-20 minute daily podcasts. The first one I listened to had these really nice and relaxing African background sounds. The whole thing has a very eclectic vibe that any open-minded worshipper will surely enjoy.

3. The Rosary Podcast
The Scriptural Rosary podcast episodes help me through when my hands are busy but I want to meditate with eyes closed for a short time. It is very artistically done.

Equally worth noting are some of the best in the fundamentalist podcasts, to wit:

4. Joel Osteen

He preaches with a twang but often it’s a bang straight to the heart. I like his very modern manner of preaching and encouragement. There are always words of life. My favorite episode of all time is the one about kicking toxic people out of your life. 🙂 It was very spot on and enlightening because at the time, I decided to end a very bad friendship. There are emotional vampires and there are people that are really in need of help, and every person must know the difference between those things.

5. Joyce Meyer

A little funny and kooky is the Joyce Meyer podcast. I’ve listened to a handful and probably more women can relate to it. Sometimes, I think she goes too hardcore and I do not always agree with her but I respect this woman for her courage.

6. 60 Seconds with Max Lucado

I like this wonderful podcast because you only have to listen to it for 60 SECONDS! And you have a nugget of inspiring thought to ruminate on for an hour or for the whole day. I just love it. I love Lucado’s well-written books and I love his podcasts just as much.

Having said that, I really wish everyone to have a rejuvenating and meaningful Holy Week. 🙂