Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.01
Dual Boot

Some dude told me to stay away from derivative sources of web development information. In line with my “Zero shortcuts” mantra for 2015, I complied with this advice and started the challenging path of reading official documentation of many things for web development. I am still alive right now.

However, in the case dual booting a Windows-operated new laptop from a mall, I think that derivative sources like experienced Linux bloggers or magazine articles can offer golden information especially if there are five or more comments from people who have the same laptop model. 🙂

Yesterday, I received the shock of my life when I accidentally punctured my old Acer laptop’s LCD screen. When I opened it to do my numerous internet-related tasks, I found the screen starting to bleed black and it cracked all the way to the middle. 🙁 I wept and panicked for around three hours. Fortunately, my good husband allowed me to buy a new one in the afternoon so that I can get started with my mountain of reading, writing, and coding work.

Remember that problems can sometimes be a blessing in disguise? New laptop from my husband as an advanced Valentine’s gift falls in that category. 🙂

I did not throw away my lovely silver Acer V5 yet. At this moment, the old laptop may be able to get a replacement LCD screen (a secondhand one is a quarter of the cost of the brand new LCD for that model) and my sister can then use it for her school projects. The old laptop was a gift from my mom, the last gift she gave me as a single woman. Specs-wise, it is more of a toy or entertainment laptop than a web developer’s laptop. The processor was a humble Intel Celeron. But I tweaked the Windows 8 installation a lot to make it run super fast and vamped up the RAM to 8 GB. It had Dolby Digital Surround Sound which made it a particular favorite for watching TV shows.And it was really pretty with its thin and silver design. Its thin quality led to its undoing. Some semi-sharp object punctured it too easily when I put it in my shoulder bag. When carrying around gadgets, I like using normal bags because I don’t want to draw too much attention from suspicious commuting characters.

My new laptop is a budget-friendly Toshiba Satellite model that is more designed for some serious business and less for pleasurable things like sound tripping and watching movies or TV shows. So far, no throttles in multi-tasking and I was able to partition my hard disk properly to make room for Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04.

Google is really a friend. The very detailed and reliable tutorial article from Everyday Linux User  is my latest digital treasure find.

Ubuntu 1404

To date, this is my third or fourth time to configure a Windows 8 or 8.1 laptop for dual booting with Ubuntu. So I guess the experience allowed me to be more of a risk taker. This Ubuntu machine is now dedicated for PHP and Python pursuits. These days, it’s mostly Python. I am hearing some reviews that Linux support for R programming is a little crappy.

I know that Virtual Machines and Windows 8 Pro’s Hyper-V platforms already allow me to run Linux while on Windows. But Linux remains to have a certain appeal to me. For one, dual booting allows me to maximize my RAM capacity for both operating systems. I no longer have to divide my 8 GB RAM into a proportion of 6 for Windows and 2 for Linux while working. They now get both 8 GB and if I need to switch, all I have to do is restart the computer and switch to the other OS.

So I guess I am back in the arms of non-virtual machine Linux and I am super excited to blog about my explorations with my new baby!