Tardis and the 2013 Wrap-up

Science fiction is something I could have had a higher probability of enjoying given my line of work, industry, and group of friends. But it’s not. I was not a science club member or a science high school graduate although I did end up becoming an engineer from a school full of science high school graduates and science aficionados. I guess I can say that I am one of the few late disciples of science and science fiction. And is there a better way to get started with this belated sci-fi appreciation save for watching the 2005 remake of the old British science fiction series Dr. Who? Bar none, it’s one of those timeless things. The word tardis is even considered as an official dictionary word, as inspired by this humble police box on the outside but awesome time machine on the inside:


I half-expected a bunch of guys in strange suits and it did not disappoint. There was a guy in a black suit who was called the Doctor Who. I did discover that even the lonely Dr. Who needed eye candy and a feminine touch during his exploits. And pleasantly, the woman chosen for the 2005 remake was someone I already had the pleasure of hearing a decade ago.

As a 90s kid in my pre-teens, I enjoyed a couple of Billie Piper songs that hit big on the Billboard charts. As a 28-year-old woman, I got reacquainted to the mature version of Billie Piper through her character as a companion to The Doctor in the British series Dr. Who. Like the TARDIS machine of Dr. Who, there is apparently more to her than meets the eye. I hardly recognized her when I first saw her as the blonde Rose Tyler. In Honey to the Bee and other pop songs of the past decade, she was sporting very dark hair and did not have the vibes of a sophisticated woman with acting chops like she does now. The changes are astounding; it’s a reminder of time and how it goes by so quickly. I used to watch her on MTV, back during the days where MTV was the only channel I knew and Myx was just an up and coming local alternative to MTV Asia and Channel V. When you watch someone famous from your age range evolve from cute to glamorous, it’s quite hard to disguise the passing of years.


I indulged in three 40-minute episodes to stave off my curiosity, but halted just in time to resume the pending work that I need to wrap up the professional segment of my 2013.

I don’t have a TARDIS at my backyard, but I do possess a poor memory that can jog at least a single good thing for each month of 2013. I am typing this at the place that I consider as my digital playground for thoughts, and a digital time capsule of what was, what is, and what will be.

January 2013


Here’s the one poignant remainder of my old social media-laden life… And this post was thankfully screencapped by my good friend Maureen before I deleted this Facebook account. I no longer remember what having a Facebook account feels like. But I remember how much this meant to me. It had 250+ likes before I decided to ax my account completely. I figured that if I had true friends, they will be able to reach me even without this ultra-convenient digital network (and remember my birthday!)


February 2013

My first experience with Zumba happened in February. I had a blast dancing the calories away with Tal. πŸ™‚ I hope I can have another session for 2014 at a more regular basis. I really plan to eat and live healthy this 2014.

March 2013

After I ditched my social media accounts, I became addicted to GAMES. I know. This is the year where I played the most games on Android. And that includes more amusement park rides, too. In fact, one of my accounts of my most daring ride experience this year was published in Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Youngblood column. It was nice to see my byline on Youngblood. A lot of friends have been published and I wanted to try it just for kicks.

April 2013

It would be hard to believe but stepping out of my old internet ways opened up new interests. Intriguingly, it opened up a new interest that I never thought existed for me: clothes and makeup. I was afraid of what I was turning into, so I decided to explore this newfound interest by signing up for a budget makeup workshop. The crash course was okay, but I ended up using just lipstick and BB cream on most days. I do have three lipsticks on my pouch now. Considering my old ways, this is a great leap of fashion faith.

May 2013

I went on a full-blown social media and blogging hiatus. But I became more interested in other things, and it filled the void. The hiatus heightened my love for books. And I managed to work on resuscitating my reading addiction hobby. Best life decision of the year, knowledge-wise.

June 2013

It’s true what they say that you come for the code and then you stay for the community. I fell in love with Drupal CMS and the Drupal Pilipinas community this year, among many other things. I know I keep WordPress for my thoughts here at Helena, but there’s something about Drupal that gets me all tingly with excitement and possibility. It’s just awesome, though I try not to play favorites on the CMS side.


July 2013

I got delved more deeply in web GIS, thanks to my job. I started to tread in the boundary of IT and Geomatics middle of 2013. In this month, I can say that I finally met Linux, web development, Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Git, and many others. And it changed my life. This is probably where a huge chunk of my web development interests began. It’s a wonderful month, and I discovered many things about myself that I never thought I had. Aside from having a dual boot I3 machine running for my experimentations for work and personal programming pursuits, my online behavior radically changed. Based on my level of satisfaction at the time of writing, I believe that the change was for the better. I think for July 2013, I tried to make things work by using Powershell on Windows 8. But I ended up using Linux for the most part of my webdev journey.

August 2013

Anniversary. πŸ™‚ This year, I also managed to try a lot of restaurants with my sweetheart and a few people I manage to keep in touch with. I gained a lot of some weight. I lost a lot of fair weather friends and in this purging, I found more quality time with the people who matter the most and less time catering to other people’s whims. And often, it came with hearty meals.


September 2013

My 28th birthday. One year on the job. <3 More web development pursuits ensued.

October 2013

I mostly lived on the Linux Terminal for this month. And I loved every minute of it.

November 2013

Haiyan happened to the Philippines. And it brought on a lot of realizations and personal relief projects. In other news, typhoon-like winds no longer plague my hair as it used to. I found a stylist that I can stay with. Plus, I finally learned how to deal with long hair, the straight and well-groomed way. This month, I also “graduated” from old struggles and I found it being tested in a similar situation. It was also in this month that I decided to resurrect this blog.

December 2013

Β This month, I revisited my interest in fiction. I also had so many chances to be honest to myself and to other people. In my effort to brew my best year for 2014, I completed the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stubs for the 2014 Giving Journal. I chose this white planner because every person who completes the 8 stubs for the CBTL 2014 planner has an equivalent beneficiary for the Real Life Foundation scholars.

I get a planner, and I give to a scholar while I am at it. I really dig the “planner for a cause” campaign even when I swear to be a huge fan of Tita Witty’s creations. Besides, I want to cultivate a healthier and more generous version of myself next year. This fits my goals like a glove.



I guess this tiny blogging tardis wraps up my year in under 1500 words, though so much more can be conveyed of this very painful but blessed and enlightening year. I have not done this before, even though I have seen other bloggers do it year in and year out. I never saw the need or reason to do it for myself, yet here I am anyway. This is probably my last year-end post as a Labao, as well.

Surprisingly, there are still readers of Helena despite my stubborn decision to turn it off for 6 months. I want to take this time to thank those who continue to link to me and visit this tiny digital space. πŸ™‚ I hope that we can have more adventures next year. πŸ™‚

Happy New Year! πŸ™‚