Day 2: #100 HappyDays
The Gift of Life


Originally, this is about the loved one who got shot by a holdaper/riding in tandem motorcycle goons last Sunday night. He survived today’s operation. He’s still alive and this is my main log for my second day.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping him alive and for answering our prayers. This was just one of the surprises and challenges of 2014 that I have few words but lots of feelings for.

I did remember a second thing, though, in line with the theme of LIFE that I chose for my 2nd happy day.

Recently, a magnanimous woman and model named Helena Belmonte died. They say that she jumped out of her condo unit in a fit of depression. Such loss. Such youth. Such beauty.

I share her name and I was diagnosed with the same disorder that allegedly killed her. And she is only one year younger than I am.

Like her, I live in a condominium unit on weekdays for ease of transportation during my daily affairs. My parents freaked out when they watched the news of how she died and they asked me to come home so that I can hug them.

Right now, I am still alive, and I think that it’s great to stay this way. For most people, it’s normal to have and fight for the will to live. It’s no big deal for most people to just be able to breathe and see another sunrise.

For someone with this condition, though, I can say that it’s a bit of a miracle when you are hopeful and not trying to harm yourself. Each day, I make the conscious choice not to act on some of my fatal tendencies no matter how difficult it can get. And yep, that is totally something worth smiling about.