Day 9: #100HappyDays

Booyah! 🙂


Wheatgrass provides me with energy and giddy vibes, unfailingly. I particularly love Verte’s Wheatgrass. (Note: I am not an endorser!)  And today, I have my first bottle for the week. I was busy the past few days and did not have the time to go to Mini-Stop.

I have some difficulty looking for healthy and yummy drinks, and this is really a welcome treat.

Mini-Stop fortunately has some supply of Verte Wheatgrass. I also saw some at the convenience store of the Manila Doctors Hospital main building. It’s a mix of wheatgrass, honey, and pandan. I think a friend mentioned Phamax Wheatgrass in a can but I have yet to try that one.

First heard about this from my programming idol, Master Ranel Padon, geodetic engineer and web developer extraordinaire.