Sick Much :(

Thank God for kind bosses, a sweet company nurse and getting sick at 4pm, two hours before end of shift. They made sure I got home safely.

In fairness, nakisama ang sakit ko. I managed to finish five chapters of my baby Frose before I started feeling dizzy and “vomity”. I also managed to get my first pay before I felt the urge to throw up on the manuscript I’m editing. The manuscript is good and promising, but my health is not. Pay was not big, considering the fact that I just had a week there. But yeah, that meager sum goes to the doctor tomorrow.

This is my fault, you know. I should sleep more, drink more water, get some exercise and balance things. But no. I’ve abused myself a lot these past two weeks. I haven’t eaten well, slept much or exercised even a bit. I hate myself for letting things go on this way.

I need to slow down and take it easy tomorrow. (Only managed to squeeze in this post so that my friends will not wonder why I won’t be able to answer messages wherever tomorrow.).

Goal: Checkup, rest and recover in 24 hours, if possible.

And go offline. Disconnection anxiety is setting in, but it’s okay.

Health is wealth, Helen. Really. Look what health commanded you to do now: give up your first salary to the doctor. How classic. (excuse me, reader, I am just reprimanding myself out loud.)

One day away from my dream job tomorrow because I am sick.

And since I often advocate the concept of sanctifying work, I offer up this frustration and inconvenience to the recovery of a 2-year-old boy who accidentally swallowed a nail. *belches* Basic idea of sanctifying the hateful stuff: it becomes less hateful when you offer it up as a prayer. That smelly seatmate in the bus can be a prayer for world peace. That heartache can be for somebody’s recovery from illness. There, there. I complain less when I think of the poor kid who needed to have that nail removed a.s.a.p. The spinning sensation just suddenly had a meaning to it, and I feel better.

Okay, that’s it. Any minute I’m throwing up again. Agh. Good night Gab. See you on Thursday my beloved Jehleen and Frose. And yes, til next time dear reader.

Don’t forget: Helen is a bad example this week. And health is wealth.