Lessons from Pinky

It’s a good thing we editors are allowed to name our projects once they are published. So, here’s one that I particularly enjoyed. This is a children’s story book written by multi-awarded and multi-talented Dr. Simplicio Bisa. He also happens to be Acel Bisa’s father. Acel Bisa is a very good singer, and I’ve been her fan since she sang Torete. She used to be the vocalist for Moonstar88. (I am making a separate post about her, by the way.)

Putting together this story book is a team effort. Layout was done by Miss Mavic Barcellano. She is just awesome for being able to experiment with fonts, sizes and text placements all throughout the book. The illustrations were done by Miss Haydee Suarez. She is a Fine Arts graduate from UP, and cum laude to boot. I don’t know how I could have survived my first story book editing experience, hadn’t it been for these two long-haired, lovely and skilled individuals working with me.

I also have to thank the other editors for being so helpful in making this project materialize into something people can decently see on bookstore shelves. Sara, Nez, Katt, you guys are really pros, and I am totally privileged to work with you on a daily basis! (I totally love my job…)

Speaking of bookstores, this book’s available in C & E bookshop and National Bookstore outlets nationwide.

The story is for kids, but I believe it also teaches a lesson that can be very relevant to adults. It’s a true to life story from Dr. Bisa’s family. The story setting was at the wedding of Mabel, his eldest daughter. The engaging and simple narrative shows how old things can be truly valuable, how sentimental value can override materialistic considerations, and how things can be truly appreciated by those who do not always readily enjoy them.

My favorite illustration in the story was the image spread where there was a toy train and all the dolls were riding on it. Another favorite was this “emo” spread where Pinky, the main doll in the story, was crying and emoting after Ate Mabel’s wedding.

I don’t really want to give too much details away because there will be no more room for discovery and suspense for readers when they buy the story book. This book had its launch during Dr. Simpli’s 80th birthday celebration in Cabalen West Avenue. I finally met the characters in the story, and seeing them for real gave the story a greater appreciation and meaning for me.

So friends, do buy this book. It is worth your time. It is around 128-165 pesos only. You can even contact me if you want to order straight from our bookshop. 🙂