The 4Chan Rabbit HoleĀ 

Down the rabbit hole we go with 4chan and Reddit. I only got to know 4chan this week after watching an interesting documentary on Netflix. Curiosity substantially piqued, I found myself browsing through ebooks and music files, particularly this Mozart collection with lossless audio quality. It’s not the world’s most filtered place; I had to scroll through an assortment of, eherm, really colorful stuff. But after years of seeing nastier people on Facebook, I think I have developed a steel stomach for the other visuals and used the site to sift through intellectually engaging materials. 

I am still amazed by the number of things the internet can allow me to do during my bedrest for hyperemesis gravidarum and delicate pregnancy. It’s so rich with information but you need a good eye to filter it out from the filth. Through the years, I have learned to dig digitally and I thrived in this modern form of hermitage. 

I am restricted at the moment physically but that’s no reason for me not to enjoy this phase of life.??