Starting Over

For months, I had things planned out about my life. Basically, I was just carefree about my online existence. I never thought that I’d be one of those online war casualties who wax lyrical and paranoia over their accounts. I was previously hacked regularly here in this blog because of monetary reasons like adding links to sites that need a lot of visitors. I have my good friend Jehz for helping me ward those off. But the latest attack came from an unknown person with definite evil intent. He or she deleted my engagement post announcement on Facebook and wiped out all the congratulatory messages on my fiance’s timeline.

Anyway, I decided to cut all my social media ties permanently. I’m pretty happy to maintain my blog because it helps aspiring engineers and I think there’s still something I can contribute with what I write. Regardless of personal vendettas, I think this writing voice still deserves to be heard here in my personal space. It helps people and one techie hater cannot really take away the writing skill, the humble readership this blog has amassed somehow, and the cause of providing unique content that is not just another website paraphrase or recast.

Basically, I’m starting over. My old Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, and other accounts are all DEAD.

The writing remains. After all, that’s the one thing I’d duel to the death with. I’ve been doing that since I was seven years old, and I don’t see myself quitting on this one.