Repackaged Greenwich?

pizza fries and tomato marinara

I spent some time in Trinoma yesterday, and decided to stay in Greenwich while waiting for Julius and Mia (Fairy couldn’t come since she had to attend to some personal matter.).

<Julius arrived but Mia was busy with work (Mia we missed you!) Pastel pasalubong from Cagayan is already dead as of 9am this morning, thanks so much! haha.>

It seems like Greenwich is slowly being transitioned or repackaged into a midway food option between the classy and the fast food categories. Prices were a little higher for fast food, lower for high end fine dining.

The tomato marinara was released two days ago, according to the crew. It was not so bad. I am a perpetual sweet-sauced Jolly Spaghetti fan, but this one provided a different flavor for my taste buds. After all, this is not spaghetti. It’s marinara. Haha. Hint of spice, just enough sourness and an overall pretty presentation. The chicken could use a little more softening, but it’s crunchy enough so it’s forgivable.

Also, I noticed that the crew was very friendly. They kind of reminded me of Shakey’s with their new customer service efforts.  I am just not sure if this happens to all Greenwich branches. I went to Greenwich Isetann Recto during review period and their service paled in comparison to what I witnessed in Trinoma last night.

So there, I suggest you try the Tomato Marinara from Greenwich. =) And add their famous iced tea and pizza fries to match.