Day 16: #100HappyDays
Holistic Spring Cleaning


Good Friday’s timing for spring cleaning in all aspects is just perfect. I used the morning to clean my cabinet and get rid of some unnecessary clutter.

In the afternoon, during the Veneration of the Cross and the Holy Communion, I used this solemn time of Lent to do a thorough spring cleaning of the mind. My meditation today was not a particularly tranquil or easy experience; my mind kept flying out of my meditative goal with its own agenda. But it was worth all the sweat and the struggle. I eventually managed to recollect myself in key moments and emptied my brain of its useless vagaries.

Part of my life’s spring cleaning also included some basic life planning. I finally got around to listing down my life agenda for the next three months.

Aside from this, I read every single entry in this blog since 2004,and I marveled at the things that transpired. Despite the fact that I felt like I am going nowhere, I saw a lot of progress with my writing and my life. Everything moved progressively, and it’s something I need to be thankful for.

The blogger in 2004 is radically different from this blogger from 2014. Sometimes I want to just hide the 2004 version of me. The things I said in the past embarrass me greatly when I do my retrospective.

But I realized that it was a part of the whole process of continuous improvement.It is good to keep all those past posts there so that I will have a humbling reminder of key points in my life where God has helped me and how exactly he has helped me become a better person through the years.

If I delete any of these old blog posts, I will never be able to recreate them again even if I write a hundred posts today to replace them. So let all my defects stand, jologs posts and all.

I hardly checked my phones or gadgets these days; I was too busy reflecting on many things.

I guess this is what happens when you are about to enter a new stage of life; you just have a lot of things to consider. There is so much to plan, so much to be done, and so much to give your best energies to. It’s no longer palatable to waste time on useless things or activities.

And you no longer have qualms ignoring the non-essentials because you have zoomed in on what matters to you. It’s somehow a true mark of entering adulthood.

It’s part of my 43things goals to live in simplicity, and I believe that I have gained some good groundwork with what I have undertaken for today and the past 8 weeks since I have overhauled my entire lifestyle.

I still have a lot of activities but all of these no longer had the random chaos of a spinning top or a hamster on a wheel. Most of it is now coordinated, lined up in some form of organized fashion and within the happy bounds of my realities and circumstances. It was nothing that I have done by myself. This solid peace of mind and clarity is simply His gifts to me for this phase of my life.

Writing things down and paring most of my possessions down to the essentials really helped me see my priorities in life and how I can improve things, in general. I got to know my chief defects and strengths as a person and I have taken both menial and drastic measures to manage them.

Years ago, this would have been unthinkable. I tend to complicate myself so easily. I still do that today, actually. I complicate my life and I sometimes become my own worst enemy. But I tend to know more about myself these days and I become aware of what triggers me to be at my worst, and what drives me to be at my best.

Today, more than any other day, I am fully convinced of the unquestionable fact that the simple and peaceful life is the real way to live life happily and meaningfully.