QC to NY: Sending JJ Some Love

Surprise! Surprise! (for me, at least) I was wallowing in a pit of heartbreak residues for the past few days since Christmas *sniffs* when I got a very nice surprise just this morning. I woke up at 4:33 am Philippine time (GMT + 08:00) at the sound of my phone ringing. I checked if it was something I should ignore, but I saw that it contained more than 11 digits and must be from overseas.

Sleep more or answer? I chose the latter. And good thing I did.

Initially, I thought it was my friend Lynne in Chicago. So groggy me answered the call in a very deep and crack-voiced hello.

At first I was afraid hearing a guy’s unfamiliar voice on the other end of the line. I happen to be paranoid about these things. And it was really silly; I have forgotten that I actually placed my contact number on this website. I honestly did not expect anyone to be interested enough to check it out.

Just in case some of you (human visitors) might want to try the number (which is really my mobile number and not some dead misleading contact detail with a dryly recorded voice message of a mental health institution to crack up my readers!), weekends are the best time to call because I have more free time to talk.

Going back to the phone call earlier this morning, it was a NFF (newfound friend!) named JJ (who is also a kababayan working overseas) who stumbled upon this site while I was in dreamland. I just find it amazing that even when I am strapped to an office desk here in Manila and could not pretty much go anywhere, my blog at least reaches a monitor on the other side of the world. (Or maybe more than one monitor. *wink wink*)

Buti pa yung blog ko, nakakalakwatsa. LOL.

When I look at the flags on my free flag counter, I often suspect that most of it are spam bots who just want me to click their links. LOL. I was actually fascinated because I got the flag of Brazil yesterday afternoon, through a human visit or otherwise; it has become a silent guilty pleasure seeing the map on the bottom right and somehow completing the flags of the world with it, even if more than half are probably spam bot-awarded. Not really because I get readers (Flag counters cannot really tell if that was a reader or a spammer), but more because it reminds me of the possibilities, of places that I have yet to see and the numerous interesting people I have yet to meet in my journey.

I never liked to assume that I have other readers aside from myself, my family, my friends, pro-bloggers who visit me sometimes and the blogging people I have exchanged links with. I have five subscribers (see the right side of this webpage for the abysmal statistic) and I was guessing that those five were my soul brother Jehzeel, my sister Harvey, my bestfriend Fairy, a good high school friend, and myself. Wahahaha, myself included pa… At least, I found out that there is actually one more reader aside from my loved ones who put up with my ambivalent moods and posts. Hope you don’t grow tired of my posts, amigo. LOL.

[If it’s worth mentioning now, it’s FREE to subscribe to this blog; you can look for the subscribe button on your right and all my subsequent new posts will be taken to your email addy… 🙂 ]

JJ, you took 1.5 hours of my sleeping time, but I thank you for appreciating the things that I write. For one, that’s really my goal: to write something decent that people can actually find useful. With you, that purpose is served today.

And that just gave birth to another 2011 goal: to meet and talk to more interesting people too.

And yes, I will keep writing. 😀

Thanks again!