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Doctor Who Season 5

Doctor Who Season 5

I thought that after Tennant’s era, my Doctor Who experience will be a sadder one. I genuinely enjoyed the brilliant portrayal and adventures of the tenth Doctor. So I put off watching the episodes of Season 5, Matt Smith’s era in the BBC series named Doctor Who. I only picked up on the habit last month during Christmas break. And I must say, the BBC guys are brilliant in choosing the characters who can provide the continuity of this show. Matt Smith is brilliant and fun as the eleventh Doctor. The presence of red-haired Karen Gillan also adds to the fun, as well as Doctor Who’s wife River Song played by Alex Kingston

Each time I watch this TV series under a new Doctor’s era, it’s a whole new experience. It just keeps getting better. I find myself giving up on other shows but this sci-fi series makes me entertained and imaginative and smart at the same time. I find it really fascinating that it has this huge following. The show originally started in 1963. More than 4 decades after the very first airing of the show, it’s still here.

To avoid spoilers, I did not really check out reviews of the twelfth Doctor on the community sites of the Whovians. I only know that there were critical acclaims to his portrayal but I leave it as something to look forward to in the future. My other friends are also way ahead. Given my really challenging schedule, I find it difficult to squeeze in a marathon so I watch it one at a time, stealing an hour or two away from each week to catch on. As of today, I’ve reached the end of the fifth season and I already found the Vincent Van Gogh episode to be one of the best of all that I have watched. Smith’s reign as Doctor Who is not as coherent as the other doctors he preceded; but it seems like it was designed precisely for that.

I am quite certain that I will continue watching this riveting and fascinating TV creation. I am not much of a TV junkie but for extraordinarily crafted creations like this one, I will really make the time. 🙂