50 Shades of Grey

One of the most talked about books this month is EL James’ 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy. I just finished the first of these three books which is entitled Fifty Shades of Grey. Based from what I have researched so far, it’s claimed to be a spinoff from the author’s old uploaded Twilight fan fiction. Whether Edward Cullen was resurrected into Christian Grey matters little to me; I’ve read all Twilight books and what this book offers is way different. Some even call it mommy porn. It’s intriguing. I just knew I had to read it.


The first chapter was not really interesting. One would think that it was just another young adult novel. Fortunately, I pressed on because I was forewarned that it’s “spicy” reading material. I knew right after the warning that I am going to blog about it after. I have no experience reading fan fiction so some people may say that this story is mild compared to other existing online stories. I have to admit that reading this kind of encouraged me to read more fan fiction. LOL.


There was flow to a certain extent in keeping my eyes glued to the text, but there was not much of a plot. It is not surprising in terms of turn of events. The predictability of the two main characters, Christian and Anastasia, falling in love for one another is already given away in the early chapters. The main antagonist, Anastasia Steele, is unfortunately not too well-developed as an American college fresh graduate. And she doesn’t sound very American, I think. The fifty shades of grey can be said of the character development, if you ask me.


But what made it so unique are the heavy sexual content and the unorthodox theme. The dominant-submissive sexual relationship as interspersed with romantic nuances is outrageously inviting to those with curious minds. I have yet to meet another author as sexually imaginative as this person; almost every chapter of 50 Shades of Grey reeked of doing the deed. There were no pictures but the text is as graphic as written description can be. It surprisingly portrayed pain/pleasure dichotomy as a good and alluring thing, contrary to common belief (and I am a commoner, I admit).


Suffice it to say, the book is definitely not for kids. For women like me, it’s that racy type of reading material that you find yourself guiltily reading in the bathroom. It’s pure unadulterated escapism. Even famous people like Kristen Stewart and Ellen Degeneres swore by its extreme shamelessness. Some women will read it but will hide it somewhere and not admit to having read it in all its entirety.


It’s not something you will read in literature class, but more of a thing that you will talk with girl pals about on a girls’ night out, use as a possible required reading material during a bridal shower (if you are with a bookworm bride who shuns the stripper), or well, simply reading just for the sake of reading with hormones and less brain. In reading this book, you will only feel one of two things: extremely guilty or completely giggly. If you are complex, you can have it both ways.


On the up side of things, the wit of banter is present and dialogue is pretty good between the two main characters. It’s like eating cotton candy for the brain; it tastes good while you’re at it but you do not really expect to get a lot of intellectual stimulation from it.

I kind of approached the text of 50 Shades of Grey in a desensitized manner. Unlike Anastasia, I was more intrigued with the uniqueness than affected by the text. And I guiltlessly give this book review a day after I stayed up late just to devour all 356 pages of it.

If it’s any plus, I heard from the grapevine that the ultra-hot Ian Somerhalder will portray the role of Christan Grey in its film adaptation.

I can’t wait to hear Grey’s signature “Laters, baby.” from this upcoming film.


Rating: 3.5 stars

Value for Money: Just Right at 499 pesos