Period of Inebriation (Introverted Woman Meets the Friday Night Club)

Note: This is a repost from my FB Notes page. I mixed the discussion of punctuation marks with my Friday night out with co-editors Katt and Daphne. Sorry for the grammar lapses but I was drunk when I posted this. lol.


A slight inebriation is the period of the sentence that is this day, the longest Friday of my quarter life.

I had a hyphen to my tasks in the form of a morning book launch, that stretched itself needlessly into an em-dash because of Filipino time. Excellent speaker. Yummy cinnamon bread with caramel on top. And a gifted speaker and author to boot. But no sir, your book was too

My afternoon was filled with exclamation points of surprises, question marks from confusing statements and super special characters enough to drive anybody to jump off the office window and fly away to the MRT train.

They all poured out, just like a badly written printed manuscript better used as a wrapper for soiled napkins and baby poo. A barrage of new things was enough to move me to tears. I pause, and I digress. But I pretend as if I just needed to clean my eyes, succumbing to the occasional commas that we know as despair.  Just a little comma here and there.

Yes, I fulfilled the en-dash that is the span of my time card. The range of time flew. The boss was ranting and talking and I was physically present while I swam in the vast ocean of distraction,
thankfully not a cause of my destruction.

An ellipsis arrived when a doll painted my eyes and hid all the weariness in them with the thick black eye shadow.

I did not go home early. I went to a party where some people’s body parts are up for grabs and hot dates are for sale all in good harmless fun.

I drank that glass of I-don’t-remember-what-it’s-called. And it turned my cheeks into the color of a cooked lobster. Soon, I was dancing. Shak, shak, shak… Just like the rhythm or sound when I furiously type on my keyboard at 100wpm during daytime. But this time, everything was moving. No backaches, no staying in aquariums of my own making.

Just this one time, I go home late. Just this one time, I dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Just this one time, I challenge my introverted self.

And finally, I realized why many of my friends care to use inebriation as a period to end their week or day. It is to shut out the ceaseless exclamation points, question marks, commas and dashes. It makes the world spin and seem so dreamy and blurry at that same time. It makes
pain bearable, even though the periods are just quick fixes for single units of thoughts.

For me, one bottle was enough for today. Inebriated is the period to a very long life sentence.



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