Core Flow Yoga

I am not quite into the new age and “Ohm” side of yoga which made me hesitant to try it for the longest time. Today was my first time to give it a shot. By golly, sedentary me worked up a sweat in the Zen-like and warm studio. The hype is real.

In my giddy excitement to begin exercising again, I ended up signing up for the advanced Core Flow Yoga session. It was a crazy idea. I was stumbling as the others adroitly and fluidly bent their bodies to do the advanced poses. I admired them as barrels of sweat dripped from my forehead.

No Ohms and strange salutations, just plain hard work with the poses.

My first time remains amazing despite my hilarious appearance as a first timer in an advanced class. At least it gave me a primer on what to expect from an advanced class. But I would make it a point to sign up for a beginner session next time.

All good things take time to build. Matters of genuine personal fitness such as this hold no exceptions.