The World of Colored Text

There is something absolutely fascinating in the world of code. I used to just drag and drop myself to online oblivion and be the annoying twat lacking in digital introspection. If there is anything I am most thankful for in the previous six months that I had a hiatus, it’s this: I learned to appreciate the code behind what we see in the user interface.

I would have missed this entire new world altogether if I had not been challenged in the way that I was in the last 11 months of my life. For all the pain, I can just say that at this point in time, I may be hurt or upset or disappointed but I am 75% thankful at the minimum.  There is something so liberating about not having a slew of social media accounts. In its place, there are so many other things that filled the online vacuum of my digital experience. There are hidden treasures at the back end when you are constrained at the front end.

And I continue to be challenged with new things that I did not expect. 2013 was a year of challenges, basically. Some of the most horrible and stressful things of my entire life happened this year. And out of these horrible things came unexpectedly beautiful things — something that I would like to share in the coming months after I decided to resurrect this blog.

From selfies to staring at colored text for long hours… I never really imagined that I’d be introduced to such a beautiful path. 🙂 And for that, I am thankful at how everything turned out. It’s really true that everything actually turns out for the best if you know the lessons that need to be learned at each bend. And after so many years of whirling about, I think that I can happily say that I am starting to learn more about the things that matter. And that includes the often obscured but fascinating world of colored text.